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This Jaipur Home Mixes Old World Charm with a Modern Edge

Jharokhas and local materials sit cheek by jowl, with contemporary lines and sculptural lights, in this unique home designed by AKFD Studio

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Location: Jaipur
Size: 22,000 square feet
Number of bedrooms: 8
Design firm: AKFD Studio
Principal designers: Ayush Kasliwal, Charvi Kasliwal, Sidharth Sharma
Architectural firm: M A Architects
Photography: Gitesh Gupta, Studio Bluora


Furniture: AKFD, Lights: Adriano Rachele; Accessories: Bo Concept

The brief given to Ayush Kasliwal, founder of AKFD Studio, was to create a house that had the air of a vacation home. This would look as much as a residence as it would a hub for the family’s large-scale social life. In the process, AKFD Studio was particularly inspired by Spanish aesthetics. Kasliwal says, “The visual inspiration for the stone house was an ancient Spanish building, flanked by very modern structures, thereby giving context to each other.”

To this aim, Kasliwal envisaged a horizontally spread out building, with clearly demarcated zones, separating the private from the public. The structure needed to deal with the challenge of blending every family member’s contrasting lifestyle. Kasliwal explains how the firm circumvented this “by cleverly continuing the design through both the public and private areas using similar materials and logic”. As a result, the distinct spaces maintain their individuality while fostering a sense of connection.

The home’s ubiquitous yellow stone is blended with Spanish aesthetics to create the air of a vacation getaway
One can see a clear distinction in design between the public and the private sections

AKFD Studio decided to eschew imported stones and instead use locally available yellow stone, a hallmark of many traditional homes in Rajasthan. The stone has been used extensively in the home’s public areas as a cladding both on exterior and interior walls, an aesthetic that Kasliwal explains as having “an old-world charm with an edge of the modern to it”. 

The home’s private quarters exhibit a more sleek contemporary design. Housed over three floors, they are connected to the public section on all levels, but privacy is maintained through strategically-placed courtyards and outdoor spaces, which lie in between the two sections. 

A small water body separates the living and dining from the bedrooms section; Furniture: Featuring Hallow Bench by AKFD

A green outdoor passage leads to the formal living room. It’s an airy space in neutral colours, punctured with spots of deep red by way of leather armchairs. A wall, clad in hand-cut stone, dominates the room lending a slightly rugged air to the elegant space. Connected to the enclosed living room is an open courtyard that doubles as a lounge space, equipped with a bar that’s camouflaged behind a wooden sliding panel.

A paved pathway leads to the living room resembling a sunroom
Furniture: AKFD featuring Drift Table,Herman Miller; Lights : Iqrup and Ritz Accessories: Anantaya; Carpet: Jaipur Rugs 
The outdoor lounge space is an extension of the living room, doubling space for entertainment; Furniture: AKFD, Accessories : Anantaya, AKMD

The dining room spells understated luxury, featuring an eight-seater natural stone-topped dining table, flanked with upholstered chairs and a series of suspended chandeliers illuminating the space.

Furniture: AKFD; Lights: Windfall by Emery studio; Accessories: Anantaya
A mint green kitchen features a unique, movable marble-topped roll-on kitchen island with wooden wheels by AKFD Studio

On the first floor, in between two courtyards, lies the family lounge room –  a cosy space nestled under a pitched roof. 

The family room features comfortable seating, plush carpets and a fireplace
A modern take on the traditional jharokha in a corner of the family room; Furniture: Mars Attack Table by AKFD

The family room is connected to a lap pool via a passageway clad in yellow stone. A customised jacuzzi in stone was made in situ, adjacent to the pool. The platform around the jacuzzi is nano topped with red pigment, and the walls have been painted to match it.

The family room is connected to a lap pool via a passageway clad in yellow stone
The lap pool is enveloped by a screen on one side for privacy; Furniture: BDSM Lounge by AKFD
The jacuzzi set in nano topping red concrete has a matching shower cubicle (not seen)

Inside, the private quarters have their own living room on the ground floor. Sculptural furniture, a marble-mimicking rug, and diaphanous looking lights are dominated by a concrete ceiling, present in its raw form and natural glory. 

The bold colours, high ceiling, geometric lines and almost-bare windows lean towards a modern aesthetic; Furniture featuring Noguchi sofa, Taurus chair by AKFD, Lounge Chair by BoConcept; Lights: Adriano Rachele; Accessories : Anantaya

Kasliwal says, “Our design approach was centred around creating a living space that perfectly aligns with the client’s lifestyle. Our top priority was to make every corner of this home feel warm and inviting. You’ll find that the objects, artworks, textiles, and lighting fixtures have been thoughtfully curated to create an eclectic blend of styles. Throughout the home, you’ll see how colour plays a pivotal role in uniting these diverse elements and weaving a tapestry of visual harmony.”

Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Second Floor Plan


Story by Vinita Kunnath


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