Tarun Tahiliani and 11 other creative stars on what “Made in India” means to them

Kamna Malik / November 1, 2017

Creative professionals from the world of design, art and fashion share their thoughts on “Made in India”, that bridges the gap between old and new techniques in the age of technology.


Independent fashion designer
“To me it is a synthesis of being global, but thinking local. “Made in India” or as I call it, “India Modern,” is not about replicating the past, but finding a new solution to life. Even though I think, dream and read in English, my soul and essence is Indian, and I work with Indian materials and techniques, which translates and impacts everything I do. That constant process creates an evolution of style, ideas, the way I live my life, and things that I value, that to me represents India Modern as a state of being. It is one facet in the millions.”


Co-founder & Creative Head, The Pure Concept
“Made in India” to me is about focusing on the hidden Indian skills, talents and craftsmanship along with giving an opportunity to not so resourceful artists. With the invasion of international products in the Indian market, we need products, which take us back to our roots and at the same time are accepted globally.”


Founder, Wrap
“For me “Made in India,” is a collaboration with traditional artisans to revive and invigorate India’s traditional craft, positioning them at the heart of a contemporary home.”


Founder & textile Designer, Raw Mango
“It means that we are supportive of our local community and businesses. We use the Zero Kilometer Design Philosophy’ by preserving the craftsmanship and encouraging a knowledge based socio-economic environments. The focus needs to be on creating an impact that brings about development in the long term.”


Chairperson, Apeejay Surrendra Park Hotels
“I have always worked with designers and artisans to create new “Made in India” stories. I am a firm believer that that’s where our strength is and we must develop these using technology and modern production methods. I think the entire concept is creative, exciting and collaborative.”


Managing Director, Himatsingka Wovens –Atmosphere
“I believe India has the talent and determination to deliver the “Made in India” promise. While the nation is equipped and is constantly adding to its assets, it is imperative that the design community comes together to raise the bar. With regards to fabrics, the design approach needs to be holistic, given the convenience led habits of the millennial consumer. In the future, product attributes will be as important as perception.”


Founder, Ravish Vohra Home
“It is all about helping Indian craftsmen evolve in terms of process, design and technology application. The emphasis should always be on manufacturing and producing locally and yet achieving quality that is at par with the global market.”


Creative Director, Talianna Studio
“For me it means textiles that have vanished from most places on earth – a living heritage found in the handmade fabrics and embellishment techniques that originated in India. Hand weaving, hand printing and hand embroidery techniques still exist in this country on a scale that makes them a commercial force for global trade, and what interests me is how these crafts can be coupled with technology to create contemporary materials that have never existed before.”


Chairperson & Founder Member, Dastkar
“It is an opportunity for products to carry not only the stamp of Indian hands, but reinvent skill-sets, knowledge systems, traditions, techniques and motifs that make Indian crafts and textiles sought after all over the world for centuries. Let us exploit India’s advantage in having millions of skilled practitioners of both technology and handcraft.”


Independent artist
“Pride is an emotion. It’s a basic human sensibility. Discoveries, inventions, creation and a sense of ownership can give you that feeling. Traditions and heritage also give you a sense of pride. Any achievement of the country, its institutions and individuals, makes India and its people proud. “Make in India” is an attitude, an ambition that is sustained by being contemporary, young at heart and inventive in thought.”


Founder & Design Director, TSK Design
“To me, “Made in India” is something that is Indian in its entirety – its soul and skin. Something that is conceived and designed in India, using local talent, resources, manufacturing or craft. The process could be internationally collaborative – this will push our boundaries, but the local eco-system must thrive.”


Independent artist
“The origin of making pieces in the subcontinent can be traced back to as far as the third millennium BC. History tells us that we are known to make sophisticated objects that were influenced by or can be traced back to various cultural sources. This was much before our identities were geographically bound. To my mind, “Made in India” is in our ability to assimilate from varied cultural sources and make it our own.”

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