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Karan Desai Home

Karan Desai Home specializes in transforming spaces ranging from ideation rooms to offices, personal residences to secluded retreats. This year, they’re excited to unveil a special showcase featuring collaborations with three distinguished brands: Bharat Floorings, Casa Walls, and Top Brewer. This collaboration introduces the ‘Monster Totem,’ ‘Monster Avengers Edition,’ and ‘GAT(oo) – a monster console,’ […]

Pocho Living

Pocho Living, the epitome of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship, stands proudly as a distinguished furniture brand in Ahmedabad, India. With a steadfast commitment to delivering the finest handcrafted furniture, Pocho merges the prowess of cutting-edge technology with the artistry of skilled craftsmanship. This unique blend ensures each piece is a testament to innovation and […]

Daum and Emery Studio

Emery Studio takes pride in showcasing Daum, an illustrious symbol of French luxury under its expansive umbrella of international brands. Daum’s exquisite collection, known for its unique ‘pâte de verre’ process, a technique where crushed glass is meticulously fused in a kiln resulting in breathtaking art glass and crystal sculptures. Each Daum piece, handcrafted with […]


As Germany’s second largest modular kitchen manufacturer, Schüller stands out for its commitment to quality and innovation. Crafted with the finest materials, Schüller kitchens boast an array of front finishes, design elements, and ample storage options. Part of RR Living’s renowned range, Schüller symbolizes the pinnacle of modular kitchen design. The brand’s Next145 Kitchen range […]


‘Madras Makers’ represents a dedicated journey in capturing the essence of fine furniture and expert woodwork, aiming to create timeless spaces and heirloom-quality pieces. This commitment is evident in every aspect of their work. For each piece of furniture and every commissioned project, wood is responsibly sourced and its components are meticulously proportioned, ensuring beauty […]

House Of Piranesi

House Of Piranesi, established on the foundation of blending historical wisdom with contemporary relevance, crafting a vision for a better future. This collective uniquely marries traditional arts and crafts with the wonders of modern technology, such as 3-D printing and robotics. In every project, House Of Piranesi endeavors to redefine the roles of designers, robots, […]

Janavi India

Janavi India, with its 25-year journey, has become an emblem of luxury in cashmere shawls and stoles, drawing from the deep wells of Kashmiri artisanship.  This spirit of creativity and freedom now extends into homes with Janavi Home, where luxury meets comfort. Their collection of luxurious blankets, throws, and cushions are more than just home […]

Waddle & Roo

Waddle & Roo has specialized in kids’ furniture with the belief that every child deserves a haven that promotes comfort, safety, growth, and learning. Their commitment is anchored in delivering quality, affordability, and most importantly, ensuring family safety with the use of non-toxic paint and handcrafted care. The principal designer, Shriya, inspired by her own […]


VEAVES, inspired by a profound connection to roots, culture, and heritage, seeks to resonate with the Indian audience by introducing premium quality and conscious clothing. This ambition marked the beginning of a new chapter, one focused on introspection and addressing the needs inherent to its cultural roots. VEAVES aims to amplify vernacular voices and provide […]

Vadehra Art Gallery

Vadehra Art Gallery, representing artists spanning four generations, was established in 1987 with a mission to promote South Asian art globally. The gallery is known for its active and comprehensive programming, which includes meticulously curated exhibitions held frequently at its two prominent Delhi locations. Additionally, Vadehra Art Gallery enhances its cultural impact through art events, […]

Stanley Level Next

Stanley Level Next, based in Bengaluru, is distinguished as one of the few homegrown high-end and luxury consumer brands in India with significant involvement in both manufacturing and retail sectors. Over time, the company has transitioned from a sales-centric approach to a design-led operation, positioning itself as an all-encompassing provider of home solutions. Operating under […]

Ochre At Home

Nestled in the cultural heart of Kolkata, Ochre at Home (OAH) extends beyond bespoke creations to showcase its flagship gallery. This space is a dynamic arena for collaborative art and furniture pieces, bringing together diverse artistic talents from around the globe. The creative duo Sweta and Ajay Arya, have dedicated this gallery to cultivating a […]