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10 Brands to Follow for the Finest in Lighting Design

Whether you are looking for a statement chandelier or premium lighting fixtures that play with new materials and forms, these top lighting brands should be on your list

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Lighting can determine how you experience a space, making it one of the most important facets of spatial design. Moving beyond its function, a glamorous high-end light can also serve as a statement piece in your space. Designers across the world are constantly experimenting with lighting technology and design, as well as reinterpreting traditional and modern craft techniques to revolutionise the scope of lighting. Here are 10 such best Indian and international luxury lighting brands that are pushing the boundaries of material, form and function in lighting design to craft highly collectible lighting fixtures for every space. 

(All these brands are available in India)

1. klove Studio

Goa collection, klove Studio
Goa collection, klove Studio

Founded by Prateek Jain and Gautam Seth, klove Studio works with local artisans and skilled glass blowers to create lighting installations that are highly collectible and sculptural. Each piece is uniquely crafted by hand from a range of materials such as brass, silver, aluminium, wrought iron and stainless steel, in combination with hand-blown glass. Klove has created statement lighting pieces for private residences around the globe, as well as luxury storefronts such as designer Manish Arora’s store in Paris or the Christian Loboutin store in Mumbai. Iconic pieces such as their 10-foot tall totem light has been showcased at the Park Avenue Armory in New York. Other pieces have been exhibited at Frankfurt, Paris, Dubai and other cities across the globe.

2. Lladró

Seasons collection, Lladró

Spanish luxury brand Lladró is known for its masterful porcelain creations, which includes exquisite collectible figurines and decor pieces, as well as a selection of high-end lights. Ranging from elaborate chandeliers to artful table lamps, each lighting piece from the 70 year old brand is meticulously handcrafted by sculptors and artisans using age-old techniques at their workshop in Valencia, Spain. Lladró’s rich product history has included collaborations with renowned designers like Bodo Sperlein, leading to creations such as the Niagara chandelier, an iconic piece that graces the main entrance area of Palacio Vallier in Valencia, Spain. The brand has also created pieces in collaboration with global designers and artists, such as Jaime Hayon, Paul Smith, Gary Baseman and Marcel Wanders. 

3. Sans Souci

Aurora, Sans Souci
Bowls, San Souci

Sans Souci is known for its decorative lighting fixtures and hand blown glass installations that are both creative as well as high performing and technologically nuanced. The brand combines traditional craftsmanship and glass-making techniques with cutting edge design and technological processes such as 3D printing and nano-coating. Founded by Martin Chab in 2005, it has since created bespoke lighting installations for landmark locations such as the Burj Al Arab and Madame Tussauds in Dubai, One Manhattan Square in New York, as well as the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow. The brand has also collaborated with celebrated designers such as Karim Rashid and William Sawaya. Sans Souci pieces are available in India through CJ Living, New Delhi.

4. Oorjaa

Gaia, Oorjaa

One of India’s first artisanal paper studios, Oorjaa specialises in sustainable and eco-conscious yet high-end lighting options.Their handcrafted pieces make use of waste material, such as banana and lokta fibre, as well as stone quarry dust and waste cork. They are also made using water-saving measures which minimises water usage during manufacturing. Their product range includes table, wall, ceiling, floor and pendant lights, each of which has been crafted with precision by a team of 50 artisans and 3 designers. Lighting pieces from this Bangalore-based studio have found their way to homes, hotels and other spaces across the world.

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Overlap pendant lamp, FLOS
Zeppelin, FLOS

FLOS’ rich legacy includes several iconic pieces such as Arco, an iconic lighting fixture designed by Italian brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1962. This flexible floor lamp was considered a revolutionary design solution at the time for its ability to cast light from overhead without needing ceiling suspension, and remains a design classic that’s in production to this day. The Italian brand has also created unique high-end lighting pieces in collaboration with iconic designers, such as Philippe Starck, Jasper Morrison and Michael Anastassides. The resulting product range is remarkably wide, spanning both limited edition pieces as well as mass manufactured designs and includes a rich collection of outdoor lamps, compact and modular wall, ceiling and floor lamps as well as pieces with OLEDs and eco-sustainable materials. FLOS is available in India through Aux Home

6. Saint-Louis

Arlequin, Saint-Louis
Folia collection, Saint-Louis

The oldest crystal manufacturer in Europe, Saint-Louis specialises in luxury crystal glass lighting products. The luxury French brand was founded in the 16th century, and still continues to manufacture all its products at a workshop in France, employing skilled local artisans and using traditional mouth-blowing and hand-cutting techniques. Their products include highly collectible candelabras, chandeliers, table and floor lamps as well as sconces.

7. Studio Evokar

Buds, Studio Evokar
Goblet, Studio Evokar

Based in Ahmedabad, India Studio Evokar offers a rich selection of sculptural lights that showcase their knowledge of kaarigari or local artisanry. The studio’s creative process involves experiments with materials and form to create bespoke lights and home decor pieces. They work with a variety of materials ranging from metal and wood shavings to fly ash and sand, highlighting how they interact differently with light. Signature pieces from the brand include Goblet, a floor lamp whose form takes cue from a pod, and Cocoon, a hanging lamp shaped like a cocoon or nest. These unique hand moulded pieces come with a raw and organic feel that bear traces of the welding process and are highly collectible. 

8. Innovative Lighting Designs Limited

Brokis, Courtesy ILDL
Brokis, courtesy ILDL

Founded by Vikram Jain in 2006, Innovative Lighting Designs Limited (ILDL) specialises in lighting solutions that are technologically advanced and energy-efficient. The brand takes care of lighting from conceptualising to procurement and execution, customised to the clients needs. They have provided bespoke lighting solutions for a range of sectors and spaces including urban, residential, commercial, healthcare, heritage and landscape.

9. Swarovski and Schonbek Lighting

Candesco, Swarovski Lighting
Swarovski Lighting

With over 250 years of crystal and lighting history, Swarovski and Schonbek offers a range of chandeliers and other luxury lighting products. Schonbek’s handcrafted crystal chandeliers are known for their classic designs and have been used in royal palaces, luxury hotels, and high-end residences around the world. Premium lighting fixtures from Swarovski include wall luminaires, table lamps, chandeliers and other pieces that showcase cutting edge design utilising ornate crystal elements that the brand is known for. Swarovski and Schonbek Lighting are exclusively available in India with Sachmeh International, New Delhi. 

10. DEFA

Argyle collection, Rakumba, courtesy DEFA
Courtesy DEFA

DEFA was founded in 2007 as a lighting solutions company, later expanding to furniture and home automation. Based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad, the brand has provided end-to-end lighting solutions for a range of residential, corporate as well as outdoor spaces across India. 

Story by Sridevi Nambiar.


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