Anjali Mody’s Five Favourite Decor Brands

Take a look at contemporary Indian decor brands (and products) that caught the eye of JOSMO Studio’s founder at India Design ID 2023

Anjali Mody is a creative force in the Indian interior design industry, and her innovative approach to design has earned her a reputation as one of India’s most exciting designers. At the last ID held in New Delhi, Mody took a tour of the exhibits across pavilions and picked her five favourites. They ranged from quirky pieces inspired from the parallel universe of a mad scientist Beasley Burette to collections that strive to reinterpret materials. All very exciting. 


Project 810


Project 810 is a holistic design practice that collaborates with interior designers, furniture designers, and architects to create uplifting spatial experiences. They specialise in retail, hospitality, workspace, and residential projects and prioritise using local resources combined with quality craftsmanship to produce unique designs. Among their projects is the 810/TWO collection, which offers a serene and sensory experience.

Project 810

Mody shared her admiration for the brand at India Design ID 23, and stated, “I absolutely love this brand. There’s this really nice, subtle theme of grey tones paired with really light wooden furniture that I’m really appreciating in their work”.

Take a look at the exhibitors that showcased their works at this year’s ID




Wriver, an extension of the furniture brand Alsorg, is headquartered in Gurugram and aims to make design accessible to trend-conscious consumers. Founded in 2021, the young brand carries on the legacy of providing bespoke furniture, modular kitchens, and wardrobes from inception to execution. They combine immersive technological know-how, business acumen and international standards to facilitate modern living across India.  At India Design ID 2023, the brand launched a range of new furniture pieces designed in collaboration with award-winning design studios like MorphLab and MuseMART, among others.

Wriver – MorphLab

Mumbai-based MorphLab, an award-winning, interdisciplinary architectural studio with projects across India, designed the Nuolo series, which showcases Sahil Jain and Ajinkya Manohar’s boundless and diverse designs that venture into unexplored dimensions. Identifying the Nine 01 piece by MorphLab as one of her top picks, Mody stated, “This piece itself is one of my favourites. You can sit on it in a lot of ways. Casual, contemplative.”



Also included in Mody’s selection is Wriver’s collaboration with MuseMART, a product design division of the architectural firm MuseLAB, founded by Jasem Pirani and Huzefa Rangwala. 

Wriver – MuseMART

The pieces from this collection called MuseVERSERE, are envisioned around the fictional kingdom of a Mad scientist Beasley Burette, with emotive craftsmanship and material detailing that animatedly narrate the adventures from a parallel universe. Mody expressed her admiration for two chairs in the collection, “Once again, these two pieces are my favourite. They’re almost like a father and a mother. One is slightly more dark, serious, grandiose, and the other one is a little more petite.”


Swell (One O One)


One O One is a contemporary furniture and product design company founded by Yasha Mehta and Hiren Ganatra. Their unique statement pieces, ranging from furniture to lights and accessories, are created by translating global design ideas into reality. Their maiden collection, SWELL, showcased at India Design ID 2023, offers a splash of modern eclectic style, combining mid-century aesthetics with a blend of primary and vibrant colours to add character to any space.

Swell (One O One)

While walking through their exhibit at India Design ID, Mody noted, “This is one of the few studios that I can say is really bordering on art furniture. The shapes are playful, the colours are vibrant, making it an interesting experience. Definitely not something that you would see every day.”




JOSMO, an award-winning product brand based in Goa, was founded by Anjali Mody in 2010. The brand specialises in creating products and spaces that embrace Indian heritage while appealing to a global audience. At ID, JOSMO displayed its latest Ceylon Collection which draws inspiration from the captivating textures and tropical atmosphere of Ceylon.


The collection features a range of solid wood and woven cane pieces that creatively blend hard and soft materials to create beautiful shapes. Alongside the new collection, JOSMO also displayed some of their best-sellers from previous collections that were given fresh life with brand-new finishes. “Our pieces are textural, tactile, honest, and simple in their making,” shared Mody.


Story by Ridhima Sharma, photographs by Atul Chowdhary.