The Elemental House by Modo Designs features a distinct organisation of three layers of open space

Fact File
Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Size: 960 sq m
Principal Architect: Arpan Shah
Photography by: Bharat Aggarwal


The Elemental House by Modo Designs is a residence that epitomises the characteristics implied in its name. With an existing Neem tree on the western part of the plot, the spatial composition of the home exploits the linearity of the site through a distinct organisation of three layers of open space—a front garden, a central courtyard, and a backyard. Apart from the natural light and ventilation facilitated by full-length screens and this layout, a material palette of exposed concrete, Mandana stone cladding, wood panelling, and stone flooring contribute to its earthy aesthetic. The interior design by PVDRS beautifully enhances the unostentatious charm of these natural elements.

Designed for three generations of the family to reside together in a developing Ahmedabad neighbourhood, the house’s central court is open-ended toward the north—a contemporary interpretation of the traditional enclosed courtyard that essentially defines the architectural experience and character of the home. The living, dining, and kitchen areas, and the parents’ bedroom and living room that looks out onto the front garden, are located on the ground floor. The first floor has been segregated into two zones—one for the older son and his daughter and the other for the younger son and his child. Outdoor terraces in each of the sons’ rooms enable privacy and a deeper connection to the natural environment. The second floor, located in the southeast portion of the structure, features an entertainment room with a small terrace. This floor is hidden when viewed from the front garden and central courtyard, which scales down the overall magnitude of the built form.