Prateek Jain on early memories, personal mantras and plans for Klove

idid / March 9, 2018

Prateek Jain is one of the two trendy partners from Klove Studio, a lighting brand known for eclectic designs and larger-than-life installations. A one-on-one session revealed his passions, mantras and plans for the emerging brand:

Favourite Memory: “Although it’s been 13 years, I remember our first solo exhibition at Visual Arts Gallery. All of our friends — including Manish Arora, Gautam Rakha and Rajesh Thakur — came out to help us. They wore Klove T-shirts, interacted with guests explaining the exhibit and acted as our sales representatives.”

Biggest Achievement: “Winning the EDIDA helped make a mark in the industry.”

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Boosting Creativity: “Travelling around the world to experience different cultures, or simply watching beautiful visuals come alive in movies or TV shows.”

Food For Thought: “I feed my creativity by making time for myself — either a long run or yoga — which is when ideas begin flowing. Also, meeting people from various fields helps expand horizons and learning.”

Personal Mantra: “To give my fullest to everything I do, or not do it at all.”

Plan For 2018: “We’re launching Collekt Klove to retail one-off home accessories and gifting items such as bar ware and glass objects. We also want to work on larger than life installations and art pieces.”

Over The Next 10 years… “We would like to work with boutique hotels. Plus, I hope Klove keeps growing at a dynamic pace.”

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