Peruse our selection of some remarkable products by these compelling brands

From Hermès established grandeur to the contemporary panache of Nishita Kamdar and Veeram Shah’s P.O.D, scroll down to find a selection of some remarkable new products by compelling brands.



From Left: The Artemis Lamp features a curved steel arch, crafted from steel. The front panel of the lamp is a serrated steel veil, that illuminates the gilded arch, lighting it up like an ancient ruin. More a light sculpture than a lamp, it has two distinct parts that give one another strength and stability, whilst simultaneously creating a playful bond.
The Battersea Lamp resembles a power station. Its aluminium pipes look like chimneys. The zigzag shape of its solid teak wood base evokes the feeling of heat, energy, vitality, and movement—the archetypal signs for lightning and electricity.



From Left: Borzalino’s Diva range of armchairs and sofas is a modern interpretation of classic design. The original and decorative lines of Art Deco characterise the chairs, with a wrap-around backrest that is creatively shaped like a shell.‎
Mobius by Pacini Cappilini is an unusual sculpture in wood. Dynamic in its ability to rotate, the table is available in different configurations and finishes to seat from 4 to 12 in the round, oval or rectangular shape.


Glass Forest

The Chirp Glass Jars with teak wood lids are a tool for tasteful organisation. Inspired by birds sitting on wires, these jars feature a quirky bird-shaped form and are hand-blown from coloured borosilicate glass.



The Carnets d’Equateur Tart Platter is a porcelain collection inspired by the late naturalist and painter Robert Dallet’s works. They depict wild flora along with jaguars, macaws and impalas frolicking in the jungle.



Nishita Kamdar and Veeram Shah’s ‘Pieces of Desire’ include Nest, an intricately carved teak wood cradle. It pivots on an almost inconspicuous side pivot. A playful handle allows one to carry the cot or hang toys and chimes for the baby to play with. Spin is a double sided swing featuring a custom-made mechanism at the bottom which allows it to rotate 360 degrees on its axis. The individual seats were designed as cocoons for people to sink into. The solid Brass suspension mechanism has also been designed keeping in mind the minimalistic, clean lines of the piece.


SĀR Studio

From Left: Giorgio Gasco’s Paffe Sofa was inspired by the Indian concept of sitting cross legged on chattais. The signature removable quilts serve as soft armrests but can be removed and laid out on the floor as additional seats, while the teak structure and brass detailing represent the charming tapestry of India and its architecture.
Elegant coffee tables designed by French designer Quentin Voung, Pila is an accent to any living room. A monolithic table top is fitted on an oiled teak wood or metal cross frame. The hand-beaten copper tray, seemingly floating above the table is the highlight of this design.



From Left: Les Jardin’s solar lantern features LED panels that are energy-efficient, water resistant and set within visually stunning architectural frames.
The VOA collection by Serip was inspired by a marvellous species of swallows known as “Hirundo Rustica” found in Portugal and plays with light and shadow using glass and bronze as its material palette.



The MetroChic collection stands for timeless elegance. The geometric decoration brings the classic colours of Black and Gold onto pure white porcelain and its varying compositions lend an individual touch.


ZJM Exports

The Rehan Armchair is a ‘midcentury deco-echo’ in the words of the designers. Made from solid Burma teak with brass socks, it can also be customised as a lounge or dining chair.