Mangalam House by JGP Consultants 

Fact File
Location: Surat
Size: 920 sq m
Principal Architect: Jigar G Patel
Photography  by: Nikhil Patel


The client, a 55-year-old industrialist with a family of five, approached JGP Consultants with a request to design a residence that would not only depict a simplistic lifestyle but also serve as an ideal space to unwind after a hectic workday. The linear narrative of the plot, with one side flanked by an adjacent site plot and another by a common compound wall, was the primary challenge that the architects faced. Their solution was to design a home that creates dialogues between simplicity and innovation as well as craftsmanship and modern design sensibilities.

With an acute focus on elements such as lighting and materiality, the spaces are rich in texture. The built form is composed of stacked protrusions and terraces, which create a distinct play of levels and volumes. All public spaces within the residence have been fashioned to open outwards, thus creating a wonderful interplay with nature. A landscaped garden facilitates this transition, invigorating the ambience of the entire abode. Apart from the design intent that integrates a contemporary language while remaining true to tradition, the home also features a meticulous use of tonal variations paired with a monochromatic, grey colour palette.