‘In the Mountains’ by Ant Studio

Fact File
Location: Uttarakhand
Size: 420 sq m
Principal Architect: Monish Siripurapu
Photography by: Jaidev Venkata & Anirudh S


‘In the Mountains’ by Ant Studio is an idyllic residence, one that sinuously navigates the contours and slopes of the alpine terrain and seamlessly integrates them into its form. Maximizing the breathtaking panorama of the Himalayas, the spatial composition features courtyards, openings, and ramped terraces, strategically placed to allow the confluence of natural vitality and architectural detailing. An abode where one can commence each day with a view of the first ray of sunlight hitting the pinnacle of the Himalayas and culminate with a warm tangerine glow basked over is the charming imagery which forms the crux of the recently completed residence by Ant Studio. With the intent of complementing the rugged beauty of the Himalayas, this residence derives its form from the contours and slopes of the surrounding mountains, while seeking to become a part of the terrain. Posing for a spectacular view inculcated with twinkling lit houses at night, the scenery seems to be a heavenly imitation.

The brief stipulated the client’s desire to inhabit a space from which the stated panorama could be visible from every part of the house. To supplement this, the design team created a scheme revolving around integrating the essence of nature within the frame of the residence. The resultant planning presents courtyards, openings, and ramped terraces strategically placed to allow the confluence of natural vitality and architecture. While imparting a distinct experience on account of its design, each of these courtyards seeks to provide thermal comfort and peeking views of the spectacle. An inclined bridge, superseded by an open terrace, marks the entry, through a lobby presenting a play of wooden textures. Further, a flight of stairs leads to a magnanimous living cum dining area, which has been laid out at a lower horizontal. Designed to allow an inflow of natural light and amplify the innate volume, the living room showcases full-height windows and a partially glazed roof. Dark wooden flooring with nude shades of furniture and light-toned blue walls; create a perfect mix of contrast and compliance.

An accentuating feature that subtly draws a line between the living and dining is a classic fireplace, concocted with luminous golden oak wooden framing and vertical stone cladding. An intimate bar setup showcases an edgy contrast of wooden textures and shaded stone surfaces. Harmoniously designed with pastel-toned furnishing, the dining room also encompasses an organic-shaped mirror as a feature décor. The adjoining kitchen provides a zest of colour with its red wall tiles and black granite countertops. A full-height door then leads the way to the private quarters of the hill habitat. From a common space, two bedrooms resonating with the mystic jungles and the tranquil oceans appear to the user. The attached bathroom spaces maintain a touch of affluence through golden detailing while remaining true to the textures of brick and wood. Accessible from a peeking entrance lobby staircase, the elaborate master bedroom showcases a muted grey backdrop with a combination of white walls and dark wooden flooring. “In the mountains,” in the architect’s words, “blurs the lines between landscape and built” and poses as the “habitat nirvana” that their client desired.