Eclectic Start: No-Mad 97% India’s new e-commerce site, now live!

idid / August 19, 2016

By Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Indie home decor and accessories brand No-Mad 97% India by Valerie Barkowski, tests e-commerce waters for first time with the launch of their revamped site. 
We did a tete-a-tete with the founder, Anuj Kothari to learn more: “We launched No-Mad two years ago to give patrons an idea about the brand and its philosophy. After having served its purpose, we felt it was time to bring the e-commerce shop in focus. Compounded by the fact that we have a huge international audience, we deemed it was about time we catered that audience directly from the site. The new site is much more dynamic with much better and easier navigation, giving the user a good peak into the No-Mad universe.”
Speaking on the new collections, he cited, “This year, we have expanded the No-Mad collection by incorporating a new product category  – Table Art In India. The site is replete not only with fabrics, new prints and table linens, but also accessories, vessels, tea-pots, trays and tea to enliven reality of this new creative department.”
We asked Anuj about his three personal favourite products from the new site:  
1. Nandi Portraits: The brand’s official mascot, the portraits are ideal to adorn any space. 
2. Navika Cushions: Available in a myriad of hues, the Navika cushions are accentuated with the intricacy of the Moroccan Fez Embroidery. 
3. Muddah Stool: Versatile and perfect to redefine the mundane, the Muddah stools are crafted with thin iron rods and hand-braided using 100 percent cotton cords.

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