Cultivate Art: A distinct platform for creators & collectors

Cultivate Art by Farah Siddiqui is a unique initiative that brings together emerging artists and the next generation of art collectors. Established in 2018 as a platform for new creatives to reach a global audience while inspiring young patrons to enhance their relationships with the art world by providing them with all the necessary tools, the endeavour has recently adopted a more online-centric approach. Work by upcoming artists will be showcased on the “fresh arrivals” section of their website for two weeks each and simultaneously promoted on their Instagram handle as well, in a bid to ensure enhanced engagement with the community. Inaugurated by Mumbai-based photographer Hashim Badani’s “30 Moons Apart,” the showcase will include works by Ekta Singha, Harisha Chennangod, Birender Yadav, Puja Mondal, Sameer Parekh, Meghna Patpatia, among others.

For more information about the initiative, peruse a snippet of the press report below:

The global community of young collectors is not cohesive at the moment, and many individuals belonging to the young generation want to take the next step and begin building a collection but are confused about where to start. We aim to build this community and provide them with all the tools they require to build their relationship with the art world. We are showcasing new artists on the Fresh Arrivals section of the website, where we will be exhibiting one artist’s work(s) online for two weeks, after which we will switch to another emerging artist. Our reason is to give new artists the entire spotlight for some time to enable them to truly engage with our growing audience. We will be promoting each artist on our Instagram platform biweekly as well.

Our first fresh arrival is a photographic print by Hashim Badani. Hashim’s work spans across genres and his photography work includes editorial, travel, fashion and documentary. His photographs have been featured in several publications such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, The Atlantic, Slate Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller and Lonely Planet Magazine amongst others. His personal work revolves around experimenting and creating stories within his hometown, Mumbai.

We will be showcasing three editions of Hashim’s most recent work titled ‘30 Moons Apart’. The lockdown caused the artist to abstain from meeting with his parents who live in Mumbai. This experience which was made additionally difficult during the month of Ramzan, led Hashim to utilize a telescope which seemingly decreased the distance between him and his parents. This inspired photographic shots taken through the lense of the telescope of familiar spots in the city which had a sentimental value to the artist. Hashim quotes “All (spots in the city) seemingly unreachable but carrying a sense of familiarity. Much like the moon. Maybe it is the strange solace we seek from traditions when times are tough. In the end they only fit right, together, in the lunar chart made over thirty days.”


Pictured above are:
Image 1 & 5 – Sameer Parekh
Image 2 & 6 – Ekta Singha
Image 3 – Hashim Badani
Image 4 – Harisha Chennangod