How Danish luxury will shape Indian design in 2018

Radhika Sen / January 24, 2018

Navin Khanna, the director of Danish luxury furniture and home accessories brand, BoConcept Asia, tells us about the designs  we should look out for in 2018:

Mr. Navin Khanna, Director, BoConcept, DelhiTell us about BoConcept’s latest collection…
We have gone with red and blue as the main theme of our new collection. While blue looks classic and timeless, it also has a contemporary appeal. Meanwhile, red is an upcoming colour and will be showcased in a variety of tones. Natural elements, plants and flowers remain a massive source of inspiration for us. With the new collection, we are also introducing velvet as it complements our range of upholstery. 

What are the furniture and design trends to look out for in 2018?

The new season will see designs, colours and materials in darker tones. There will also be splashes of red, blue, green and dark wood. We see this influence even in Scandinavian designs with dark colours and surfaces being mixed with the otherwise white Scandinavian universe. This trend adds a sense of luxury to interiors, while embracing the needs of a balanced everyday life. 

In your opinion, which designer or architect does justice to this trend in his/her designs…

I would say Henrik Pedersen, who has designed our Adelaide range that is in keeping with Scandinavian styles. The organic curved shape seen in our new range of upholstery is just one of the examples of how this trend has been translated.

BoConcept India


While working on a new collection, what are the factors that are taken into consideration?

Our aim is to create products that reflect current trends and the changing lifestyle of consumers, while staying true to our brand identity and design history. In fact, keeping a check on current trends and lifestyle also helps define upcoming trends and influencing people’s likes and dislikes.

In your opinion, are a customer’s buying patterns now directly driven by trends?

Absolutely. I think it is most evident in big cities, where consumers are almost always directly influenced by global designs.

According to you, a must-have furniture product…

The Imola Armchair by Henrik Pedersen that’s inspired by the lines of a tennis ball with its sweeps and curves.

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