Bobby Aggarwal: ‘Indian architects are now looking to homegrown talent’

Kamna Malik / October 20, 2017

Creative designer of Portside Cafe talks about what ‘Made in India’ means to him

What is ‘Made in India’ to you?

Personally for me, the concept of Made in India means a traditional craft, which co–exists with contemporary design aesthetics, forms and techniques that are combined with technology and best business practices.

bobby aggarwalHow do you think this emotion is being used and conveyed in the present design ethos in the country?

Some design houses are here for reasons other than money. And not only have they become super successful in pursuing their individual design, but are creating an environment of good business ethic, manufacturing and becoming great employment generators. This, I feel, is the need of the hour.

What do you think should change to make Made in India products more available on the international scale?

First we need intelligent PR. Advertising and marketing will go along. Brand awareness and the values attached to it is the most important step towards making a change.

What is the USP of Made in India products?

I would say it’s tradition, depth, stories and timelessness. According to you, what material palette showcases Made in India? Textiles, metal, stone and leather should make a great Made in India material palette.

In terms of design, where do you think India stands currently and how do you see things changing in the near future?

Indian design is very much there in terms of international appeal and quality. Most global brands are using our products with a twist to make it their own. With more exposure, things are definitely looking up.

What kind of collaborations do you think will push this cause and promote it in the design fraternity?

I think this is already happening and a lot of cross-pollination is taking place. Most designers are coming together to create amazing products.

Given the influx of international brands in India, do you see architects and designers promoting and turning to Made in India goods?

A lot of architects are now looking inwards towards homegrown talent and brands, and this is heartening to say the least. A lot of evolution has happened in the design industry in the last couple of years in terms of not being influenced by the West.

Which local design processes do you think are on the verge of extinction, and why do you think they should be promoted?

The art and craft of vegetable dyeing of textiles and the tanning of leather are definitely on the verge of extinction. They should be promoted so that more designers start using them with confidence.

Amongst your Made in India products, which one is your favorite and why?

The Yacht Club collection is inspired by Mumbai. I am floored by the downtown area with the splendid Art Deco architecture on Marine Drive, Colaba and Fort.

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