Asian Paints ColourNext – Colour Trends 2019

Aneesha Bhadri / April 8, 2019

For the past 16 years, Asian Paints has been experimenting with hues and tints and transforming the way they are perceived by India’s design and architecture communities. These colour trends encourage you to be bold, dynamic and to pave the way for growth and innovation.

Nobility is no longer the reserve of inherited privilege. It is the playground of those who dare to question the status quo. The Asian Paints Colour of the Year 2019 is Awakening — a shade of plum, alive with the dynamism of being ‘woke’. The dignity and power of purple fused with the humility of brown, it personifies the strength to stand up when it matters and, to dig  in your heels with confidence.

Upon being commissioned to create prints that build on his extensive research into Naga culture, Mo Naga, a comtemporary tattoo artist, created Mithun, the Wallpaper of the Year 2019 inspired by the Colour of the Year, Awakening. The wallpaper is a stylised pattern inspired by the magnificent mithun heads sculpted in wood — a symbol of honour and prestige.

Trend 1 – Harvest
Scientists, inventors and designers are turning to nature once again, fusing organic with scientific innovation to come up with solutions that are far more viable than their traditional counterparts. Harvest takes its colour inspiration from lab grown bacterial dyes & living colours. Though organic in nature, there is a surprising luminance to the shades. While the colours are brilliant in tonality, it can be visualised in breathable forms and delicate, but strong structures.

Trend 2 – Enchanted
Wild faunas and landscape become exotic in an attempt to feel the natural wilderness in a modern and unpredictable way. This maximalists paradise is a response to the clean, minimal and austere style that has been ubiquitous for the last few years. While the colours are dense and deep, they appeal like a mythical landscape that is as real as it is imaginary. The subtle metallic shades render a magical quality to the colour harmony.

Trend 3 – F-Lux
A new wave of brands are breaking into the luxury domain by telling authentic, intimate, immersive stories that celebrate the creator and the process. The new luxury is authentic, intimate, personal and meaningful. Luxe brings out the intrinsic value in a regular commodity. Colours are extremely humble, yet confident. It has a complex richness to it, which makes it a very urbane and modern palette. The palette has a visible durability to it that feels essential and complete.

Trend 4 – Adulting
There is collective disdain for the conventional  ‘college-job-marriage-house-car’ route to accomplishment among millennials and Gen Z.  A non conformist persona is worn as a badge of  success. Speaking the language of dark humour, the palette is sarcastically vivid. An unusual pairing of perky colours with a formal grey shade brings out the pun in the trend. Grey and beige paired with pop colours outline the ‘never grow up’ attitude.

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