Ashraya Residence by Spaces Architects: An uncompromisingly India-inspired home

Located in the capital, Ashraya Residence by Spaces Architects@ka is uncompromisingly Indian. This is evident from the material palette, layout and even the artworks that adorn the 600 square yard property. A central courtyard forms the core space, connecting all other areas of the house, while stepped gardens and protruding cantilevered facade give it a distinct appearance. Scroll down to read the architects’ description of this project.

A 10 ft wide space at the rear has been isolated for the inflow of light and air, while the horizontal and vertical axises that have been created ensure cross ventilation throughout the residence.

The ground floor houses semi-private areas such as a big terrace garden, the pooja room, kitchen and dining area. On the first floor, three bedrooms accompany a lounge area that overlooks the central courtyard. The second floor features recreational spaces like a gym and home theatre.

All material used in the construction of Ashraya Residence has been made in India. The floors are laid with Jaisalmer stone and Indian Kharappa, complementing a very subtle colour palette has been used throughout the house. Bamboo has been used to screen off the garden on the ground floor, while the facade features slate stone, with teak wood on the balconies.

The highlight of the artwork is a 28′ long painting placed in the central courtyard that depicts the client’s inclination towards Lord Krishna. A skylight has been placed just over it, from where the sun penetrates and falls on the painting, enhancing the textures and colours.