A Deep Lush Green Palette & Fluted Walls Define This Resto-Bar

A celebration of maximalism, this Amritsar restaurant designed by Renesa Architecture Studio doesn’t hold back on going bold with colour

Location: Amritsar, Punjab
Built Up Area: 140 square metres
Design Firm: Renesa Architecture Studio
Principal Architect: Sanchit Arora
Photography by: Niveditaa Gupta

A striking monochromatic green palette is the most defining feature at this bistro which transitions into a bustling restaurant and bar by night. Designed by Delhi-based Renesa Architecture Studio, this choice of colour reflects the studio’s desire to establish a connection with nature as well as evoke the feeling of al fresco dining. “The idea was to create an atmosphere and feel of the outdoors, where you would find yourself surrounded by greenery, natural wood, food spots and conversations,” says Sanchit Arora, principal architect of the firm.

The entrance to the establishment

The entrance area

Keeping with this palette, the studio masterfully uses Udaipur green granite as the primary material across the space – including the flooring, wall panelling and furniture. The green is complemented with elements in wood, cane as well as gold accents. The studio’s use of fluted walls adds significant quirk. “We sought to engage in a design that would create an international hospitality experience, consequently appealing to the social media savvy clientele that enjoy cafe culture,” adds Arora.

The entrance leads to the cafe area

The cafe area

There are three distinct zones within the establishment — a cafe area, a private dining room and a wine bar. Even as they maintain the same chromatic and material palette, each zone cultivates a distinct ambience, and Renesa intended for this spatial arrangement to add an element of discovery and engagement to the dining experience.

The dining room

The dining room

A restroom is housed within the dining area

The entrance opens up to the sun-lit cafe area-by-day and a-bar-by-night. It is separated from the private dining room with the use of sliding doors and folding shutters. Looking out into a dense green garden, this has been designed as an intimate space for all-day dining. It leads to the winery alongside a fluted bar.

A narrow entrance within the dining room leads to the winery

The winery

Custom made furniture and lighting from IndiHaus Design were woven into the palette. Wooden chairs with cane work and salmon-coloured leather seats surround the table tops which are in Udaipur green granite. Pendant lights with natural cane and gold accents contrast the green ceiling that feature mouldings. Gold accents are also used in switch boards, door hinges and other details across the space.

Layout of the space


Story by Sridevi Nambiar

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