10 successful boss-women on the design trends they’re orchestrating in 2018

Radhika Sen / January 4, 2018

These 10 determined women have broken through the glass ceiling to drive the design industry.  They give us their predictions for what’s to come in 2018, from decor and interior trends to holistic design:

Chanya Kaur

“Next year will bring a splash of bold statement colours in furniture design. Shades of bright green and blue will dominate interiors. Gold accents like a brushed brass table, lamps and accessories will also be popular.”

Ritika Aiysha Dhamija

Ritika Dhamija
“Interiors will move away from minimalism towards a classic, cosier and collected look. The emphasis will be on provenance celebrating craftsmanship and artisanal techniques. We also expect to see more prints and patterns in 2018.”

Ridhi Arora

“2017 saw the focus turn to feature walls. Integrating art in the design of these feature walls will start trending in 2018. Products that tell a story can make a drab wall look ornate, rich and intriguing.”

Eliza Higgins

Eliza Higgins
“I believe, and hope, that there will be an increasing shift in urban India towards designing public spaces. It might not be a trend but it is an effort towards contributing greater change in the community.”

Anuja Gupta

“We’ll see a juxtaposition of colour on colour, pattern on pattern, and layering like plush velvets on deep jewel tones. Trimmings and details is what will make the difference. Velvet will be the fabric to watch out for in 2018.”

Krupa Zubin

Krupa Zubin
“Pastels will be back. Multi-layering soft pastels with neutral wooden backdrops will lend a unique look to any space. Plus, as surprising as it sounds, using different colours, textures and finishes in interiors will help bind a look.”

Sanjana Arora

Sanjana Arora
“Minimalism is gaining popularity as people are gravitating towards uncluttered spaces and sleek designs. So, the focus will be on simple yet statement decor items and light neutral colours in furniture and decor objects.”

Michaela McClelland

“In 2018, conservative designs will embrace new elements. In luxury decorative lighting, modern interpretation of classic chandeliers will be seen — think frosted crystal drops and vibrant colour combinations. Bright colours and innovative surfaces will also gain popularity.”

Karishma Bajaj

“Organic and spherical shapes will set the tenor in 2018. Comfort, as always, will be key with soft, subtle and curvaceous lines defining coffee tables, sofas and chairs. Theatrical effects will be achieved using layering.”

Lekha Washington

“I hope that the Indian market matures towards classic individual expression — choosing pieces that mean something, are sustainable and lasting. I like to create pieces that may take a long time to perfect but also stand the test of time.”

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