Curated by Shabnam Gupta and Preeti Singh, this first-of-its-kind digital exhibition celebrates and showcases techniques, crafts and innovations that are being explored and experimented with by the top architectural and interior design practices across India. It strives to bring attention to the extraordinary work that goes behind the scenes in design studios while making a product or a space. It aims to inform about the craft being utilised to finesse a creative idea.


Abin Design Studio

Showcases sustainable partitions with recycled tiles

CLaY Architecture & Interiors

Showcases a portable lamp from waste materials

Architecture Discipline

Showcases glued laminated timber (glulam)

Atelier Ashiesh Shah

Showcases the artisanal craft of weaving

The Busride Design Studio

Showcases stained glass in spatial contexts

ORI - Folded Dreams

Showcases origami in a rigid metal


Showcases stone inlay

Kunal Maniar and Associates

Showcases a minimalist lamp from scrap

LIJO.RENY.architects X Studio Vinton

Showcases a kinetic metal sculpture

Anagram Architects

Showcases the art of chinaaee, brick masonry

Pieces of Desire

Showcases a wave swing

Studio PKA

Showcases organic textures, and tones through raw materials

Ravi Vazirani Design Studio

Showcases sand casting

Sanjyt Syngh: Spaces + Objects

Showcases the dream face

SJK Architects

Showcases a textured grey wash

Studio Lotus

Showcases Pattachitra in Krushi Bhawan

Mathew and Ghosh Architects

Showcases the bison light

Saka Studio

Showcases laterite carving with laterite stone

Tejal Mathur Design

Showcases hand-trowelled lime plaster with sand granules

P S Design X Sunday Whites

Showcase the embalming project