5 Savita Deco by Pramod Group

Fact File
Location: New Delhi
Size: 260 sq m
Principal Designers: Vikek and Ritu Gupta
Photographs courtesy: Pramod Group


5 Savita Deco by Pramod Group is a four-bedroom residence that personifies the opulence and refinement associated with the Art Deco era. Metallic accents, golden accessories, rich textiles, and ornate frames have been curated in the 260-square-metre home that exudes an aura reminiscent of scenography from The Great Gatsby. A geometric carpet offsets neutral furnishings in the living room, where textured fabrics, eccentric lighting elements, and wall art create an avant-garde ensemble. Vibrant pops of colour and ornate chandeliers are other noteworthy elements of the residence.

The TV lounge is furnished with a chaise sofa, set against a creme colour palette and intricately detailed wallpaper. A distinct blue accent chair and a luxurious chandelier also feature here. The abutting dining room is adorned with sleek, crafted chairs and an ornate mirror. The expansive kitchen is uncompromisingly contemporary, with gold detailing adding the element of drama that is a staple of this home. A unique table and wall lights complement the panelled walls and woven fabrics in the bedrooms.