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Come Into My Parlour: Exploring the World of Collectible Designs

Meet the design studios transgressing boundaries making functional art and pioneering collectible designs in India

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What is collectible design?

Defined as select items of high value that act as both art and design, collectibles are widely regarded pieces that add personality and memorabilia to any space that they occupy. Collectibles have been around for centuries – human beings have always gathered and stored art, artefacts, or antiques that have either emotional or artistic value. In 2023, India Design ID pioneered a national conversation on the concept of collectibles. ID Collectible was the first-of-its-kind platform in India to bring forth an experience of discovering pieces and objects of rare contemporary form, function, and value.  These are bespoke pieces that blur the lines between art and design.

Take a look at the design studios and artists leading the conversation on Collectibles in India.


Crescent Family by Anantaya
Thali Table by Anantaya

Anantaya, helmed by Ayush & Geetanjali Kasliwal, is a symphony of craftsmanship and design. With a dedicated team of over 200 and an expansive network of 4000+ artisans, Anantaya’s commitment to excellence has been recognized with prestigious awards like the UNESCO Seal of Excellence, Lexus Design Award, and EDIDA, to name a few. At India Design ID 2024, their exhibit had a sense of wonder with a multitude of handmade creations that comprised furniture, tableware, lighting and decor.

Art Attaichi

Minis by Art Attaichi
From Art Attaichi’s “Mini” collection

Art Attaichi, envisioned and founded by Fainy Thakor, is a brand that emerged from an avid passion for art and design. The brand’s ethos is centered around offering luxury, handcrafted, sculptural pieces that are ideally suited for modern homes. Each sculptural piece under the Art Attaichi banner stands out for its distinctive quality and artistic merit. These luxury objects are thoughtfully designed to infuse homes with a sense of art, aiming to cultivate an ambiance of sophistication and luxury.

Atelier Ashiesh Shah

Jaipur Blue Pottery Stambh by ATELIER ASHIESH SHAH
White Metal Patrawork Stambh by ATELIER ASHIESH SHAH

Inaugurated in 2017, Atelier is a creative expansion of Ashiesh Shah’s architectural studio, aspiring to harmonise the fields of art and design. This collaborative endeavor focuses on empowering ‘karigars,’ master craftsmen from across the country, by working closely with them to craft design objects that showcase a blend of traditional artisanship and contemporary style. Drawing inspiration from the Japanese philosophy of ‘Wabi-Sabi,’ Atelier’s creations highlight the elegance of imperfection.



Bobby Aggarwal, a master of material exploration, seamlessly blends leather, wood, and metals to create timeless pieces that transcend styles and eras. His journey, marked by years of successful experimentation and surprising outcomes, has garnered great market acceptability and accolades. Embracing his true design DNA, Bobby Aggarwal embarked on a new path, giving birth to ‘ATELIER BOBBY AGGARWAL’. This venture is a reflection of his unique design sensibilities and a testament to his innovative spirit.


Holdshelf by Casegoods
Photo credits: Casegoods

Born from a deep passion for materials and a commitment to the art of crafting, Casegoods reflects a conscious awareness of their impact as designers on the shared environment. Grounded in the rich tradition of Indian craftsmanship, their products seamlessly merge with the fabric of contemporary living. Their ethos is that the greatest form of sustainability lies in producing work of lasting value. Each of their designed product embodies simplicity, beauty, and functionality, representing timeless treasures meant to be cherished through generations.

DeMuro Das

Photo credits: DeMuro Das
Photo credits: DeMuro Das

Experience design excellence with DeMuro Das, an esteemed international design firm forged by the unique blend of visionaries Brian DeMuro and Puru Das. Rooted in the vibrant landscapes of New Delhi and the pulsating energy of New York, their design ethos transcends borders, drawing inspiration from diverse corners of the globe. The essence of DeMuro Das lies in the artful fusion of modernism and historical reverence, a delicate dance between contemporary precision and timeless roots. For this dynamic duo, quality material is not just a choice but a commitment, collaboration is not just a process but a value, and the pursuit of honest beauty is a timeless journey.

Design Ni Dukaan

Double Time Swing by Design Ni Dukaan
Divalent (table) and Sybaritic (chair) by Design Ni Dukaan

In 2013, Ar. Veeram Shah founded ‘Design ni Dukaan,’ a concept playfully echoing as ‘a shop for design’. This creative studio specializes in design without boundaries, seamlessly weaving through architecture, interior design, and furniture projects. Breaking away from the traditional norms, they foster a community-based practice as a dynamic space that encourages collaboration and innovation. Constantly evolving, adapting structures, and embracing diverse collaborations, their unwavering belief lies in the synergy of like-minded individuals converging to give life to a singular entity – Design.

P.O.D Pieces of Desire

Photo credits: P.O.D. Pieces of Desire
Photo credits: P.O.D. Pieces of Desire

P.O.D, also known as Pieces of Desire, is an artisan-based design studio where art and functionality converge, championing locally crafted products with a deep focus on detail and craftsmanship. They launched their latest collection of artisanal swings at India Design ID 2024. With a focus on detail and craftsmanship, this selection included modern, handcrafted swings inspired by nostalgic styles, blended artforms, fine craftsmanship and a sense of whimsy.


Photo credits: PINAKIN STUDIO
Photo credits: PINAKIN STUDIO

PINAKIN STUDIO, an emblem of Indian modern and residential luxury furniture, celebrates 45 years of design excellence. Originally captivating Mumbai’s elite, the brand now graces Alibag, known as Mumbai’s Hamptons, with a sprawling 5,000 square feet flagship store. Each piece reflects a commitment to craftsmanship and timeless style, inviting connoisseurs to experience the pinnacle of luxury. As they prepare to enchant a pan-India audience through expanded distribution and franchising, Delhi and Bengaluru are poised to embrace this legacy.


From 810/TWO by PROJECT 810
From 810/TWO by PROJECT 810

Project 810, a New Delhi-based design studio, epitomizes contemporary Indian design with a global perspective. Known for creating memorable spatial experiences, their practice is a harmonious blend of handcrafted furniture and agile industrial design principles. Their collections showcase skeletal frameworks softened by radial turns, and the tactile nature of intricate closed rattan weaves that embrace the body. Each piece is designed to ebb and flow organically through various spaces, bringing with it a breezy sophistication.

Rooshad Shroff

Marble Tubes – The Swivel by Rooshad Shroff
Marble Tubes – The Lamp by Rooshad Shroff

Established in 2011, Rooshad Shroff is a Mumbai-based boutique firm that transcends conventional design boundaries. Specializing in architecture, interiors, and bespoke furniture, the studio has forged a distinct identity grounded in integrated design. Embracing the ethos of artisanry and high-end luxury, Rooshad Shroff passionately collaborates with craftsmen nationwide. The boutique embraces a profound appreciation for the handmade, infusing centuries-old techniques into building a portfolio of novel, personalized designs.

Scarlet Splendor Designs Pvt Ltd

From Unrealism by Scarlet Splendour
From Unrealism by Scarlet Splendour

Scarlet Splendour, the brainchild of siblings Ashish Bajoria and Suman Kanodia, is a luxury design brand that epitomizes opulence and exuberance in interior products. With collaborations featuring highly-reputed international designers, Scarlet Splendour weaves together a tapestry of diverse sensibilities and visions. Offering an eclectic range of furniture, lighting, and accessories, the brand draws inspiration from various eras to create pieces that are both timeless and avant-garde. Since their debut at Milan Design Week in 2015, this Kolkata-based brand has captivated a global audience, with products gracing homes and spaces around the globe.


Coy by Stem
Ito by Stem

Stem’s creations emerge from the simplicity of a thought, evolving through a continuous dialogue between idea, hand, and object. With a vision to meld the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship with contemporary design, Stem transcends borders and cultures, making its products universally relevant and cherished. Every piece is a tribute to the hands-on dedication of skilled artisans, celebrating the unique touch they bring to the world of design. This commitment ensures that each item is not just a product, but a piece of art, rich in story and meaning.

TAKE Editions

One Thousand Tears by Suchitra Gahlot (9.5 x 3.5 x 4.8 inches, Tissue Paper, Paper, Cardboard)
Untitled by Shilpa Gupta (13 x 9.2 inches, Mirror Acrylic)

TAKE on Art, a prominent art magazine from New Delhi, has been shaping the discourse of art and culture since 2009 with its insightful bi-annual publications. Delving deep into the art scene of South Asia and beyond, it critiques and celebrates diverse artistic expressions. With a vision to bridge the gap between art and its admirers, TAKE on Art has expanded into TAKE Editions. This initiative steps beyond the pages to bring art directly into homes, commissioning unique, handcrafted artworks by renowned artists and co-producing exquisite objects.

Vāhe Ensemble

From In Between by Vāhe Ensemble
“TakeTwo” from In Between by Vāhe Ensemble

Vāhe Ensemble stands as a vivid manifestation of a journey to reimagine Indian crafts into atypical sculptural and functional art forms. Embarking on this creative path, their first craft ensemble breathes new life into the age-old tradition of Kashmiri papier-mâché. Collaborating with a small yet skilled community of artisans in Srinagar, they have ventured into multiple experiments and reinforcement techniques, paving the way for fresh reinterpretations of this classic craft. Through their creations, they bring forth a unique narrative of art that resonates with both the past and the present.


Photo credits: Viya
Photo credits: Viya

Viya, guided by the esteemed Vikram Goyal, emerges as a pinnacle of refined living, merging craftsmanship with daily utility. With a legacy spanning over two decades, this leading product design brand in India transforms ordinary objects into extraordinary pieces of art, ranging from elegantly sculpted tables to ornate door handles and sumptuous linens. Pushing the envelope of contemporary artisanship, Viya’s creations are stories intricately interlacing India’s rich historical tapestry with the vibrancy of its culture.


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