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At India Design ID 2024, Explore ON PAPER OF PAPER, Curated by Ankon Mitra in Collaboration with Apparao Galleries

Mitra invites paper works of over 70 artists from across the country.

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Ankon Mitra in collaboration with Apparao Galleries presents a significant paper art, design and architecture exposition titled On Paper Of Paper. Mitra, a sculptor and architect curates paper works of over 70 artists from across the country in a first-of-its-kind exhibition in India and at India Design ID.

The works are of artists who sculpt and manipulate paper, architects crafting models and designers experimenting with unconventional expressions. The exhibition’s theme is Paper-Dashavatār (कागज़ – दशावतार), and it draws inspiration from Lord Vishnu’s metamorphoses in Vedic lore.


The exhibition will include works by:

  • Artists who predominantly work with sculpting and manipulating paper/paper based materials to create paper murals, 3D sculptures and installations.
  • Paper ‘studies’ and ‘experiments’ by artists & designers whose final outcomes are usually in other materials.
  • Architects who work prominently with paper to create works of significant scale or paper models of built and unbuilt architectural proposals.
  • Designers who create very unconventional and interesting products and expressions with paper.


Curatorial Note:

“Anyone who has ever worked with paper knows that it is an incredibly versatile material to play and immerse with. There are hundreds of ways in which paper can be moulded and manipulated. The kind of things paper can transform into, perhaps no other material familiar to humans can. I have invited participants of this exhibition to think of this versatility of paper while imagining or creating their work for the exhibition. All of the participants of this exhibition are well known for their particular expression, style and the specific techniques that they employ in expressing their art with paper.

This brief urges them to push their technique to the next level. Would the artist like to combine a well established technique in their work with a new experimental one? Or perhaps tread on new ground altogether? Would the artist like to combine paper with another material which plays a supporting role but brings out a quality of paper as yet hidden? As Lord Vishnu in our lore transforms from a fish to a turtle to a half-lion-half-man onwards and upwards through the Dashavatara evolutionary chain, the artists are asked – What is the next evolutionary or revolutionary step in their practice?”


Participating Artists

Abhimanyu Singh + Shilpi Dua (Hexpressions) Inku Kumar + Vijay YVCS Radha Pandey
Abhishek Chakraborty Janaki Lele Ravikumar Kashi
Abhishek Dutta + Naman Shroff Jenny Pinto + Oorja Design + Radeesh Shetty Sabera Akbary
Aditi Anuj Joseph Wu + Mark Curtis Hughes Sachin George Sebastian
Anaksha Patil JV Calanoc + Stevi Fiona Benson Sachin Tekade
Ankon Mitra Jwalant Mahadevwala (andblack design studio) Sara Rayo + Merav Peleg
Anna Vilsboell Kumaresan Selvaraj Saravanan Parasuraman
Anais Herd Smith + Michael Vellignette Kunal Kundu Shalini Mithal (Knots and Crosses India)
Ayush Jain Manas Joshi Shantamani Muddaiah
Bandana Jain Manish Nai Shirley Bhatnagar + Jayant Sankrityayana
Bharati Pitre Marina Adamova (Talamaska) + Naomi jo Kandall Shubhra Chaturvedi
Bibhu Nath Margaret Ross Smith + Liz Sofield Srinia Choudhury
Chetnaa Martant Khosla + Gunjan Gupta Swapna Khade
D Dhasan Neerja Chandna Peters Takbir Fathima
Debashish Mukherjee Neeta Premchand Uurmi Bhatia
Deeptashree Saha (Wood Labs Bengaluru) Nitant Hirlekar (Pixelkar) Vaishali Rastogi
Anesh Selvaraj Olie-Living-Lighting (Amrita & Olie) Vanshika Agarwala Rathi
Gayatri Halder Parth Kothekar Vasanth Packirisamy (Studio Firki)
Hari and Deepti Patitapawan Kulu Ojha Youdhisthir Maharjan
Himani Batra Piyusha Patwardhan Yuvan Bothysathuvar
Himanshu Agarwal (Orukami) Praful Dash Ziya Tarapore


About Ankon Mitra

About Sharan Apparao

Sharan Apparao has been associated with the visual arts for over three and a half decades, working primarily with art from India. Educated in the Fine Arts department of Stella Maris College Chennai, she went on to sharpen her education by studying Arts at Harvard University, Luxury Management at IIMA, and at ESSEC University in Paris, and also began her career early on at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. This amalgam of training and exposure helped her develop her own individual style to bring in a big difference to her business of art with Apparao Galleries. Having worked with renowned artists early on in her career inspired her to make Indian art popular overseas, at a time when it was hardly known. Today, she spreads knowledge on ancient Indian crafts and arts through lectures, workshops and international art tours that she orchestrates with global artists and scholars.


Visit the exhibition at India Design ID 2024 from 15-18 February 2024, at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi.

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