By Stapati

The Apartment by the Sea by ns*a Architecture & Interiors exudes sophistication, comfort and warmth

NOVEMBER 15, 2020

The Apartment by the Sea by ns*a Architecture & Interiors is home to founding partner Shruti Jalan and seamlessly blends sophistication with comfort and warmth. The residence is sea-facing on three sides, where the windows have been expanded and lowered to ensure uninterrupted views and ample natural light. Marble, golden brown oak wood, lime plaster and mid-century modern furniture with clean lines form the core of the compelling material palette and decor. Scroll down to read the designers' description of the space. The apartment is located in Malabar Hill, Mumbai, on a higher floor. Sea facing on three sides, it had uninterrupted views of the ocean. Our first instinct was to widen and lower the windows to bring in natural light and ventilation. The large expanse of the windows offered infinite views in every direction. Keeping the bright and airy feel in mind, we used white marble on the floor which offered a neutral pallet. Golden brown oak wood paneling surrounds the spaces by way of wall paneling and doors to the rooms. The rest of the walls are dressed in a white stucco lime plaster which offers a light smooth texture. The furniture is in a mid-century modern style which complements the clean lines of the surrounding shell. The living space is made up of a seating area, a bar area and a dining area. The furniture within this space is dressed in a combination of rich chenille’s and leather in colours that complement each other. The two sofas are in deep blue and grey chenille while the two lounge chairs are in mustard woven fabric. The wooden dining chairs are in red leather which adds the desired spunk to the space. The six seater dining table is in solid wood while the centre and side tables are in a combination of matt brass and grey marble. The facetted bar is placed at an angle in one corner of the living space. It is finished in matt brass and has a matt black glass top. A mid-century bar closet is used as the bar storage. The living space opens up onto a family room which houses a comfortable lounging area, a large projector screen and a study. Fine wooden fins on a sliding panel give the user the option to open or cordon off the space as per their requirement. When open, the family room and living room appear as one large living space. An oak wood veneer panelled passage leads to the two bedrooms – the master bedroom and children’s bedroom. A large niche in the passage is dressed in bronze mirror which offers an expanse to the long passage and carries art and artefacts. The master bedroom being located at one end of the apartment has corner windows which give the room a boundless feel. Being in the master bedroom would appear as though one is sailing on a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. Keeping the geography of the room in mind, the bed was placed in the middle of the room overlooking the magnificent view. The four poster bed has a leather headboard and freeform side tables in wood and matt black glass on either side. The walk-in-wardrobe with its sliding panels made up of slender wooden fins forms the backdrop to the four poster bed. A similar sliding panel cordons the master bathroom from the room. The children’s bedroom is adjacent to the master bedroom. The flooring is made up of a playful pattern in a white and grey wooden ceramic tile. Open niches in shades of blue, futons and floor cushions in a mix of colours, wardrobes with playful handles make up the elements of the room. The sliding door to the bathroom is designed in a grid pattern with a mix of different colours and textures of glass panels. The kitchen is a highly functional space designed using the same colour palette as the rest of the house. The large expanse of the counters and dados are in white quartz while the overhead and under counter shutters are in oak wood veneer. Black powder coated matt finished edging and hardware gives the kitchen a sharp look.


Photographs by Praveen Mohandas