indiadesignid / November 19, 2019

Nene’s Residence by DGA: A clean, bold facade houses unique design elements

Set amidst the sprawling greens of a 75000 sq ft plot in Vadodara, Nene’s Residence by Dipen Gada & Associates is an illustration of quintessential Indian contemporary architecture. With a clean, bold facade seamlessly integrating the Mediterranean design element of a water body flanking the entrance pathway, the family home also features four bedrooms, an extensive living area and courtyard and a swimming pool. Perforated bricks that pivot on metal frames create a fascinating sciagraphy and are the highlight of the space’s unique design elements. Scroll down to read the architects’ description of the space.

The cuboid facade is a synthesis of textured plastered walls and voids encompassing steel jaali that blends with the playfulness of the trees encompassing the site. The entrance is centrally located, drawing us to walk along the path that is flanked by a waterbody on either side, creating an almost Mediterranean experience. As we muse over the scale of the built masses, the magnitude of the entrance also creates an impact, owing partly to the elegant, branch-like, brass caste handle of the wooden door.

The main door opens into a Jaisalmer passage overlooking the courtyard and gives a glimpse of the enormous living room, resplendent with natural light. The rustic walls are decorated with interesting sciagraphy created throughout the day with pergolas via a skylight. The passage also features a fascinating enclosure of perforated bricks that pivot along the metal frames which not only filters in the light, but also gives a glimpse of the surroundings. A small courtyard is the connecting space for the three main bedrooms.

Each bedroom is designed such that it not only has a private balcony, but also a spacious bathroom with a courtyard. The balcony doubles up as a deck and has its own unique character, defined by the play of light through the perforated steel jaali doors. The master bedroom has a fascinating terrazzo piece and brass Pattis with terracotta coloured IPS flooring.

The family area overlooks a large balcony in front and the swimming pool on the other side. The ochre yellow IPS-finished seating created blends seamlessly with the multicoloured Kota flooring. The overall colour scheme is kept simple and basic to merge with the rawness of the site and its surroundings.

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