Incredibly smart sustainable solutions that are helping to save the planet

idid / July 12, 2018

Here are some of our top finds to help you contribute towards a happy and healthy planet:

Having witnessed a vast disparity between poverty stricken masses and luxurious tourism in Havana, Cuba, Polish global graduate Iwo Borkowicz of set in motion his social housing project called A Symbiotic Relation of Cooperative Social Housing and Dispersed Tourism in Havana Vieja. At the centre of this project that does not require demolition or costly redevelopment was human-centric cooperation. His project envisions a city where residents can rent a part of their home to tourists and use the funds to upgrade their space.

Email:; Photograph courtesy: Iwo Borkwoicz/


Mumbai practice RMA Architects created this office building enveloped by plants for KMC Constructions in Hyderabad. Their projects involve a purposeful relationship with context and local culture and craft. Through their work, they create powerful design stories that engage with the built environment in a sustainable manner. Their approach is rooted in process and looks at models of engagement rather than solutions derived from a discourse in function or form.

Website:; Photograph courtesy: Tina Nandi and Carlos Chen courtesy RMA Architects


While studying in Europe, Egyptian entrepreneurs Rania Rafie and Yara Yassin were inspired by the recycling boom taking place around them. Hailing from Cairo, one of the most polluted cities in the world, the dynamic duo decided to take their new passion home by founding Up-Fuse, an upcycling initiative that turns plastic bags into stylish accessories.

Website:; Photograph courtesy: Up-Fuse


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