Bauhaus cushions from Iqrup+Ritz by White Pomegranate

idid / August 23, 2016

by Tasneem Merchant
Paint a pretty picture in your living room with the latest range of cushions from Iqrup+Ritz by White Pomegranate. Inspired by the iconic Bauhaus movement (1919-30), the collection sports peppy colours and stylish prints.
Designed by Harmeet Kaur Ghumman of White Pomegranate, these cuddly cushions are entirely handmade and are available in various hues and patterns. 
“Harmeet has an incredible eye and a very sophisticated colour palette. We love her aesthetic and knew immediately that her Bauhaus collections would fit perfectly with the Iqrup + Ritz style,” quips Ritika Dhamija, co-founder of Iqrup+Ritz.

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