5 design experts predict offbeat trends that will rule 2018

Sneha Ullal / August 27, 2018

Nika Zupanc on Eco Responsibility

Sustainability, expressed through any kind of medium, will be the key factor in the design process in any field – whether it’s furniture, lighting, fashion, sports or even transport. The awareness to help save the planet will grow stronger and will be essential to any project. About Nika’s Soulcare range for Flikka Boards: Imagined for the custom sports brand, the fresh floral patterned surfboards were constructed using sandwiched eco flax fibre. To craft and customise these boards, only the most ecological solutions available were used, including recycled EPS foam, SuperSap vegetable epoxide resin and flax fibres from sustainable EU based production

The Campana Brothers on Ground Reality

The world is changing so fast, and with that, insecurities keep mounting. We see the trend moving more towards sincerity and ecological awareness hoping that both stand the test against this monstrous truth. About The Campanas’ Outer Space Monsters for Lasvit: As part of a special 17 piece installation for the Czech Republican lighting company in collaboration with many designers, the duo brought to life the glass little giants, Flix and Flex – their representations of their own “fears”. According to the pair, these are “like aliens with a human shape inside. They are not ugly or terrifying. We see more horrible things in daily life.

Neri & Hu on Mood Nostalgia

Our digital society’s highly technological advancement will push our taste towards a sentimental desire for things from the past. Also, craft will take on a more prominent role in the world of industrial design. About Neri & Hu’s customisable LAN system for GAN: Turning the concept of the sofa on its head, this modular system imagined for the Spanish label, emphasises the beauty of the handmade (in India) with a reinterpreted cultural articulation. While the seats come as separate cushions, you can hang fabrics as a backdrop, and use moveable back pillows for support, thanks to a handy, elastic woven strap

Nendo On Poetry In Motion

Movement is an inseparable part of our being. There are objects that move independently around us too. Objects that are completely stationary can convey a feeling of movement. They can physically move in reaction to our motion, or can encourage us to move in reaction to them. About Nendo’s Variations of Time for INAC: Time moves more freely in Oki Sato’s reinvention of the hourglass – each variation carved and moulded out of a single slab of acrylic. According to the designer, the concept of this collection is said to be “designing time itself”

Michael Anastassiades on User Custom

Individuality is a game changer in design, especially at a time when everyone wants to make a mark. The idea of projects where the user also becomes the owner of the creation is important – you’re offering the former a chance to create a setting that’s unique, something that is their own. That helps bridge an interactive relationship between the consumer and the designer. About Michael’s String Lights for Flos: The conical or spherical illuminators powered by LEDs are unique because they are attached to thin electrical cords that let you hang and present them the way you want.

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