Karan Desai Home

Born in 1987, Karan Desai is the passionate founder of his eponymous studio that focuses on furniture and interior design. Inspired by contemporary aesthetics and clean lines, the studio is responsible for projects both residential and commercial on varying scales. From company ideation rooms to corporate office blocks and family homes to private getaways, the core team designs projects and products in close association with clients to deliver results that are unique and reflect personal tastes without diluting the studio’s vision. Karan Desai Home is a step at sensitising spaces that we build from the outside. This brand aims at encouraging the touch of hand to make the products used by the hand, an initiative to own the human impressions on objects in this machine made world. An ideology of design to restore the many stories told by hand made products, each slightly different weaving the grace of human touch to a finished elegant product for use. What I build mighty structures with, can't I build memories with?! This collection brings in a material that's typically used for building, concrete, yet giving it the finish of the hand; it humbly bends itself to be accepted as an interior product of daily use.