Cocoon Fine Rugs

Cocoon Fine Rugs, is a premier carpet house recognised for its original, modern designs and unique interpretation of classic Persian rugs produced out of superior quality. It is the only one of its kind carpet boutique in the country to provide “end to end” solutions for carpets as wall art and floor furnishings focusing on its state of the art products and service deliverables. They carry a wide spectrum of designs that one can choose from depending upon one’s own specific style and aesthetics. Having mastered this craft in the international market for over three decades, it seemed only befitting for Ayush Choudhary and his team to bring to India their flagship gallery concept - Cocoon Fine Rugs. Having established a strong presence in the designer circles in Mumbai, Cocoon brings to Bengaluru and Kolkata it’s sophisticated and luxurious carpet collections. The marriage between Cocoon Fine Rugs and Ashiesh Shah, known for his flamboyant style and opulent designs was inevitable. Each connoisseur’s in their fields of expertise, this is one match made in heaven and in this latest collection by Ashiesh Shah for Cocoon Fine Rugs, you are bound to catch a glimpse of pure exquisiteness. The collection of hand knotted rugs have been woven with natural, handspun silk and over twisted, highland, handspun wool. The rugs have been given a unique layered look that draws its inspiration from the three dimensional nature of the structure of the facade itself.