Take a tour of Aurora P055 by Anjali Goel of La Sorogeeka Associates

La Sorogeeka Associates / January 4, 2019

The guiding inspiration was to design a home keeping in mind class and comfort and portrayal reflecting concept of timelessness with 7 star amenities. Since the whole concept was to create a private Residence for the client, the brief given was to design a home that evokes inimitable grandeur where each space is a treasure trove of classics that deserves undivided Attention and yet each space should reflect its individuality.

In terms of the design the client gave us the liberty as he was completely open to new ideas. We therefore moved towards creating a union of practicality and dreams that could showcase one of the magnificent design decors. The approach we took was to create a meaningful space by adding newer facets that are functional, entrenched in its time and place with unique personalization creating the most luxurious experience.

The final design outcome came out as a classic blend of a private residence with all possible luxurious amenities distributed floor wise. Since it was a private residence so based on our advice and clients approval, we divided each floor into separate zones starting from the basement, which was created as an entertainment zone. The spaces include a bar lounge, party hall, home-theatre and a pool table play area.

The ground floor design included formal areas like the main double height with stone inlay carpet using semi-precious stones and metals, entrance lounge, formal living and dining, T.V lounge, kitchen staircase areas. As per our advice the client agreed on to incorporate two lifts, one near the staircase area and another as service life inside the kitchen area.

First floor design layout comprises of private space of the client himself which included bed room suite, informal living area, prayer room, private salon, and a guest room.

The second floor was designed for the only son of the client which included his suite, two additional bedroom suites which could be utilized as kid’s room for future, and an elegantly designed double height area with glass floor.

The third floor primarily was bifurcated into terrace garden and gym area.

The terrace garden layout spaces include gazebo, Jacuzzi and outdoor bar counter.

Every floor is designed with space for a separate pantry area for individual floor occupants. To ensure the residence design to be as the most luxurious in style we created a smooth balance by using the best materials aesthetically with automation wherever required along with the optimum use of sunlight for air and ventilation with skylights, cut-outs and huge punctured walls as windows. To visually create synchronization between various areas and floors, a constant Italian stone (moon crema) was used majorly all over the space irrespective of floors except for the T.V lounge which was adorned with the wooden flooring in herring bone pattern. The staircase area was embellished with brass railing and Swarovski as highlight element.

The sheen and lustre to the walls was added with OIKOS paint finishes and in few areas on the ceiling as well. Since the concept was to create a space that is lavish but also has a liveable feel and mood, therefore use of semi-precious stones, metals, embellishments, inlays, plush furnishings couture was used at appropriate junctures both in civil interiors as well as furniture to counterbalance the contemporary elegance with luxurious feel.

La Sorogeeka will be exhibiting at India Design ID 2019!

Browse through some stunning images of the home below:

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