Sunlit & Dotted With Art, This Delhi Farmhouse is Crafted for Slow Living

UnBox Design presents a new take on bachelor pads with this two-storey neoclassical-inspired bungalow in South Delhi

Location: South Delhi
Size of the plot: 650 square metres
Number of bedrooms: Two
Principal architects/designers: Aman Issar, UnBox Design 
Photography by: Avesh Gaur

When approached to redesign a two-storey farmhouse in a dense green area in South Delhi, Aman Issar, principal architect and founder of UnBox Design saw an opportunity for a well-crafted space that is in dialogue with nature. The client, an entrepreneur and avid art collector, sought the neoclassical-inspired structure to be transformed to a vibrant space that could serve both as an office as well as residence for him and his four dogs. With a few architectural and design interventions, Issar and team were able to execute his vision. “Our scope of work was to re-do the flow of spaces and the interiors of the residence. As a reflection of our client’s warm nature, this farmhouse needed to be transformed into a calm refuge to reside and work in,” notes Issar. 

The residential space is on the ground floor, whereas the office space is on the first floor. The existing structure had small windows on the ground floor, cutting it off from the greenery outside. UnBox redesigned the space to ensure increased daylight and ventilation, demolishing a few walls to make room for larger windows. “We wanted to place the homeowners where they would have a series of strong visual connections to the verdant lawns and pool,” explains Issar. 

A cobblestone pathway marks the entrance to the farm house. This leads to a verandah and the entry to the home. The verandah has been redesigned to serve as an outdoor entertainment space, with upholstered jute chairs arranged around a circular dining table, framed by cane blinds and lit by warm octagonal pendant lights from White Teak. The visual direction, materials and colour palette of this space have been chosen to complement the checkerboard flooring of the verandah, which was retained from the original structure. 

The verandah features woven jute chairs and a table from 4 Seasons Outdoor and a set of three vases from Cotton and Satins.

Beyond this is the foyer, which features a black centre-table placed against a wooden screen.The space is kept minimal – in tune with the Japandi aesthetic of our well-travelled client,” notes Issar.

A table from Project Fuse Design, ceiling lights from Hybec and art from Apparao Galleries adorn the foyer

The foyer leads to the living room. “The spacious living room is the heart of the house, and so we wanted this space to make a statement,” says Issar. It houses much of the client’s art collection, as well as photographs and travel memorabilia, tactfully placed against a backdrop with a pared-down colour palette dominated by greys and browns. 

The client’s art collection sits amidst furniture from Portside Cafe, Mangrove Collective, Project Fuse Design and rugs from Jaipur Rugs in the living room

The space features a range of textures — white fluting in plaster along one of the walls leads visitors to a large wooden bookshelf. A leather sofa is placed before the shelf, serving as a comfortable reading spot. “The pièce de résistance in this space is a bindu/red dot painting, nestled amidst books in the study,” adds Issar. Sliding glass doors connect the living room to the verandah and lawn, enabling the entry of daylight through the day. 

Further within, the dining space also features a large window that overlooks the lawn, and allows for the entry of natural light through the day. A six-seater dining table as well as consoles that repeat the wooden screen motif seen in the foyer dominate this space. Various sculptural objects as well as family photographs, landscapes, and cityscapes captured by the client adds character. 

The dining area features furniture from IAAH and Project Fuse Design

A rug from Jaipur Rugs and a pendant light from White Teak area also placed in the dining room

The calm and serene mood of the house also reflects in the master bedroom. This space opens out to the swimming pool, and features warm and minimalistic wooden furniture that is balanced by pops of blue used in the decor and bedding.

The bedroom features customised furniture, bedding from Cotton and Satins, and accessories from Artisan Lab

The bathroom within the master bedroom

 “Calm, sunlit spaces dotted with art make this home an apt extension of our client’s personality and a refreshing take on bachelor pads,” explains Issar. 

Layout of the residence


Story by Sridevi Nambiar


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