Sunita Kohli of K2 India on the single biggest achievement in her storied career

Radhika Sen / February 22, 2018

The Beginning: “In 1971, I started an antiquarian business, sourcing and selling genuine Victorian and late Regency furniture as well as 19th century oil lamps. The next year, I began reproducing vintage furniture items from Awadh and England. What followed was the opportunity to design residential spaces, hotels and public buildings.”

Favourite Memory: “While working on my first hotel project for the Oberois in Khajuraho, we explored 10th century temples with hardly anyone else around.”

Biggest Achievement: “Having the ability to work in many cultures simultaneously. At one point, I worked on four projects at once — Parliament Building in Thimphu, Bhutan, in pure Bhutanese Buddhist style; restoring and refurbishing Hyderabad House in Lutyens’ Delhi; designing the Oberoi Philae Cruiser on the River Nile in Egypt; and also restoring and designing the interiors of the Rajput style Naila Fort outside Jaipur.”

Sunita Kohli of K2 India

Plan For 2018: “To create an online platform with young designers for millennials to understand and respect our built heritage.”

Tackling Professional Challenges: “By breaking down each large assignment into a list of achievable, time bound components.”

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