Inside ZZ Architects’s quirky studio, work seems like play

Risha Merchant / November 6, 2017

Walk into Krupa and Zubin Zainuddin’s South Bombay office and you can’t help but notice something unusual – a carom board but with coins that are all squares. “It represents the dichotomy of living your life where you don’t know where it will all lead,” says Krupa. And similarly, each section is a reflection of their process-driven work philosophy. Their two-storey studio is filled with unique elements, giving us an insight into the couple’s own playful storytelling, travel infused style. The dynamic duo tells us more about their design-detailed studio.

What drew you to this space?
ZZ: We wanted to make sure that we get the best view. Since we come in early, this is the perfect place to start your day as the sun rises facing the office. We also needed a space filled with corners where interactions can happen between the team as well as our clients. We wanted to create accessible areas with free flowing discussion spaces.

Tell us about the finer details within the studio.

KZ: Every section has a name beginning with the letter Z and a beautiful description with it. Like the waiting room is called Zero – a point of discussion where everything begins. The pockets in the studio were created to display meaningful pieces. Along with paintings, we have sculptures from across the globe and a collection of books from Japanese anime novels to photography and art, which we like to go back to.

How is this workspace conducive to your design process?
KZ: We like everything to come together and at the same time when you see our design process there is always this change happening. Our workspace helps us gauge our clients and understand their likes and dislikes.

ZZ: Our work is research driven, so we want to make sure that everything that is related to this kind of project falls in the same purview. From tactile finishes to catalogues, it is all available here, making the process easier.

Photography by Pulkit Sehgal


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