Slow living marks the Asian Paints ColourNext Trends 2017

Ayman Contractor / October 16, 2017

How to turn your home into a Hygge haven

The Asian Paints ColourNext Trends 2017 reflect the current mood towards the yearning of a better, quieter tomorrow.

Slow Living

In a competitive world where everyone seems to be going a hundred miles an hour, it only makes sense to create a space to pause and take a breather. Use soothing pastel shades like Lilac Dash, Dusty Trail and Grazing Land with light fabrics and textures to form a calm corner. Organic materials like, ceramic and Burma teak will make your abode feel more relaxed and homely and focus on unwinding with cosy loungers and plush cushions.


Water can be compared to life. But just like the latter, it is all about the ups and downs, being a beneficial source one day and a destructive force the next. Inspired by its dual nature, this theme brings together materials like oak wood and titanium with striking brown, pink and teal tones like Intense Ocean, Vintage Rose, Igneous Rock and Botanica. Make your space resonate the spirit of water, and balance between the storm and the calm.

Local Pride

In today’s cosmopolitan world, your personal space should feel as comfortable as a home cooked meal. With your unique identity and roots, sometimes it’s hard to stand out against a million others who co-exist. Use earthy tones of mud, green and rust like Balsam Brown, Abyss and Copper to make your haven cosy. Offset natural materials like bamboo and coconut wood with strong scarlet and ebony hues. Celebrate your heritage and lineage by using indigenous art forms to inject individuality into your space.

Bot is Human

Our lives are so intertwined with technology that we depend on it even for simple tasks. In this trend, this connection between humans and machines is showcased with the use of rich colours like Olive Path, Burgundy Plus and Pale Sisal against metallic and charcoal blacks and greys. Offset beech wood furniture with geometric and monochromatic accents to keep the equilibrium between nature and technology.

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