By Stapati

One Dot 6 by Aamir Hameeda Design Studio

NOVEMBER 15, 2020

One Dot 6 by Aamir Hameeda Design Studio is an experience centre for bespoke furniture and lighting. The brand derived its name from the Golden ratio of 1.618—a direct reference to the Fibonacci sequence as well—and much like the symmetry, proportion and harmony that governs all creations, this idyllic space has been intricately crafted. Employing their signature juxtaposition of vibrant eclecticism and composed elegance, the designer's have fashioned a showroom where the products themselves dictate the experience. Located on the first floor of a road-facing building in Hyderabad, One Dot 6 has been conceptualised as a 3 BHK apartment layout, with two lounges, three bedrooms, one study plus bar, one balcony and two dining areas. This approach is a truly distinct way to demarcate the various areas and offerings in the showroom. "We wanted to give the clients a holistic experience, with a very vibrant and dramatic approach that has arches everywhere," said the designers. The plethora of colours and textures have, however, been perfectly offset by a stark, industrial ceiling. Mosaic and terrazzo flooring also lends an earthy aesthetic. For a brand that aspires to become a destination for fine products, defined by the principles of design and harmony,  it is only fitting that the bespoke offerings themselves dictate the spatial experience.  

Photographs by Ricken Desai


Photographs by Praveen Mohandas