Olive & Brew by P&D Associates

Fact File
Location: Gujarat
Principal Architects: Pratik Sidhpura and Devang Patel
Photography by: Photographix India


Situated on the top floor of a complex in one of the city’s premiere locations, the décor experience at Olive & Brew by P&D Associates is one of familiarity, but with an edge. Novel use of patterns, textures, a vibrant colour palette, and fabrics lends a sense of intrigue to the otherwise homely appeal. An amalgamation of contemporary and vintage furnishings complements this aesthetic as well. Upon arrival, diners are greeted by a vintage-cum-contemporary industrial reception, where a hand-stitched ornamental Jaipuri carpet envelops the entire table. Countryside-style saloon doors at the rear of this space lead to the restroom.

Among the restaurant’s plethora of eye-catching decorative details, the highlight is a central carpet-inspired ceiling panel that also features beautifully crafted wooden ornaments finished in a muted grey hue. Brick walls complement large arched windows in the same motif. Vibrant ceramic tiles comprise the flooring, while a beautiful curation of hand-forged aluminium pendant lights, crystal chandeliers, 19th-century floor lamps, and mid-century-inspired chairs convey a dynamic, well-travelled, and vintage style. An interspersion of indoor planters has been used as dividers, further romanticizing the charm of a bygone era that the restaurant exudes. It is truly a place to relax and reflect—and to enjoy a leisurely meal of grace!