In conversation with Smita Khanna and Hemant Purohit of Note-D

idid / February 9, 2017

Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Thanks to her rigorous experience in the field of architecture and design, Smita Khanna and Hemant Purohit of Note-D are famed for stretching their creative and professional limits. NOTE Design, an architectural practice, was set up in partnership between this dynamic duo.

In this candid tete-e-tete she reveals what inspires them and the trends in the bathroom space.
India Design ID: What does design mean to you?
Smita Khanna:
 Creating an effect, an experience, something fresh, which engages you thoroughly.

ID: What are your inspirations?

SK: History, context, contemporary arts, technology, materials… We work on every project with new criteria and details. The relevance of an idea makes it influential, not its coolness.

ID: What according to you is the best colour option for a bathroom’s instant facelift?
Hemant Purohit:
 Bathrooms are really private spaces reflecting one’s personality and comfort. Brightness and cleanliness of detail can uplift an old bathroom. Whites still dominate the backgrounds because most bathrooms are small rooms. We recommend more light and complementing accents. Mirrors have no colours but perhaps are one of the most important elements in the palette.

ID: What is the easiest way to make your bathroom sustainable?
Use cisterns, spouts and showerheads that optimise flows without compromising on function (sometimes enhancing experience).

ID: Two characteristics bathrooms of the future will have…
Facilitating advanced makeovers and styles. Sensing body preferences and health issues.

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