In conversation with Shefali Balwani

idid / February 10, 2017

Nupur Ashok Sarvaiya
Shefali Balwani studied at the renowned School of Architecture C.E.P.T in Ahmedabad to get equipped with the right skill set for the design world. This Mumbai based creative currently helms architecture and design studio Architecture BRIO along with Robert Verrijt.

In the business for several years now, she talks about what keeps his brain cells going, and the bathroom trends she foresees.

India Design ID: What does design mean to you?
Shefali Balwani: 
Design is something that is part of your day to day living. Good design improves quality of life. Conscious design contributes to society and forms an integral part of sustainable development.

ID: What are your inspirations?
 Of course travel and literature. But also making unexpected connections and combinations of otherwise seemingly non compatible ideas spark off many possibilities in our design process.

ID: Two characteristics bathrooms of the future will have…
 Easy ways to conserve water. Systems in which water can be recycled and reused almost instantly.

ID: What according to you is the best colour option for a bathroom’s instant facelift?
 Black, it brings a sense of intimacy, purity and luxury.

ID: One simple way to revamp your bathroom.
 Treat it like you would any other space in your house. A wooden floor in the dry area or as a deck in your shower, a beautiful chandelier in the middle of the space. Liven it up with fresh flowers when you can, and place a nice chair in it if you have the space.


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