How fashion designer Nachiket Barve turned a grimy factory into his colourful workspace

Delilah Rodrigues / May 2, 2018

Set deep within a bustling industrial estate in Mumbai, Nachiket Barve’s unassuming and tasteful studio is a reflection of his glamorous yet modest life. Originally a plastic factory with bulky machines and grimy black and turquoise walls, the space had to undergo a holistic transformation to transition into this neat workspace for the couturier. The man himself tells us more about his atelier that not only gets his creative juices flowing, but also acts as a calm oasis amidst the chaos.

The designer initially started operating out of a small unit. He reminiscences, “My first collection was done from some random workshop. Then, we worked for a year in this space above my dad’s hospital in Juhu. We’ve spent eight years at this place now; I love the high ceiling and the openness.” Apart from the organised office space that is perfect for his many meetings and fittings, the designer also has a few factories where his creations take shape. Taking into account the craft intensive work of the artisans, he conceptualised the workshop to be free flowing and fluid to boost their imagination and aid transparency.

For the creative it was essential that the interiors had to be versatile and adaptable to his dynamic personality. “I think I am allowed to change my mind every six months,” he says. Nothing is permanent, the racks are movable, the walls pristine white and the clothes showcase ever changing. His love for materials and textures is also noticeable – the beaten finish of the metal cupboard handles, grains of the wooden bookshelf, organic veins of the marble tabletop and tiny trinkets from his travels. All elements blend well, highlighting a grounded appeal with a hint of modernity.

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