From the streets to living spaces, how graffiti art entered the world of interior design

Swarupa Tripathy / July 31, 2018

Graffiti has come a long way from its street origins in the last few decades and today, homeowners and designers are more than happy to borrow from this vibrant art form in order to infuse some life into modern interiors.

Mural artist Madhuvanti Mohan from Something Sketchy store, who is currently spending two months working out of Barcelona, Croatia and Berlin, says, “Especially in Barcelona, graffiti and street art juxtaposed with classic architecture makes for a very interesting combination. There are a bunch of art galleries that have popped up, such as Base Elements, and street artists who have taken up space in the art galleries are creating pieces on canvas that buyers can put up in their homes.”

Interior designer Huzefa Rangwala of MuseLAB adds, “Graffiti brings a free-spirited street style inside our homes, one which is both creative and captivating. But it must be incorporated strategically and in moderation. It must be whimsical but not overtly kitschy. It must be edgy instead of being shoddy and must double up as art. Also, the permanence of graffiti art might look appealing in isolation, but it could seem awkward in our home. Hence, I would suggest choosing framed graffiti wall art.”

Mira Malhotra from Studio Kohl India, a boutique design studio based in Mumbai, suggests using oil, enamel, distemper and acrylic-based interior/exterior paint for application. Poster colours/gouache, or watercolour cannot be used as they are not meant for walls.

For an interior space, especially a home, one would want something calm, personal, soothing and easy to look at. Artist Harsh Pandya from The McMutton Project says, “Adding abstract landscapes, a serene vista (probably your dream destination or favourite holiday place), spiritual graphics, animals or something narrative is what would work best for a house.”

Whether you like simple stencil-style creations or more elaborate hip hop-inspired motifs, graffiti art can add a colourful touch to your living space.

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