Deepikka Jindal on how Arttd’inox is turning steel into art

Reecha Kulkarni / February 20, 2018

The Beginning: “Stainless steel is rooted in the cultural fabric of our country and has been a witness to the change in lifestyle. But, over a period of time, it started losing its shine and needed to be made relevant and aspirational. This was the thought starter for Arttdínox. It enabled the creation of the árt of steel and also to change the outlook towards the material. That’s how the brand came into being back in 2003.”

Boosting Creativity: “Having me-time helps. When I’m by myself, I look around, see, listen and observe a lot. The life around me is full of creative stimuli and feelings that I can connect with.”

Personal Mantra: “Believe in what you do and own it.”

Deepikka Jindal
Deepikka Jindal, executive Creative Director and MD of Arttd’inox

Plan For 2018: “To make Arttdínox more experiential. We are going to collaborate, create experiential spaces for the brand and people to engage better.”

Tackling Professional Challenges: “Exercising patience, enabling the team to experiment, seeking newer experiences, taking chances and also going with the flow.”

Over The Next 10 Years… “I’d like the brand to become one of desire rather than one of need.”

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