Art and design collide at ID Satellite 2017, and everyone’s invited

Radhika Sen / November 14, 2017

What are you doing this weekend? The Art and Design Trail 2017 is here, and we’ve got 5 decor brands, 5 art galleries and one fabulous restaurant putting on a show for you! Each store will collaborate with an art gallery to display stellar artworks, while Masque will tantalize your taste buds with art-inspired dishes, to create a unique art and design experience for this month’s ID Satellite Art and Design Trail, on November 17-19, 2017. Read more about the design hubs and collaborations:


fcml bathroomcrayon art gallery fcml

A new line of bolder, oblique cut steel faucets and fittings, resembling a ‘K’, from the iconic Rettangolo K range by Gessi will be showcased at FCML. While there, don’t miss out on the store’s exclusive tie-up with Crayon Art Gallery, which offers a wide display of unique artworks by leading names such as Martand Khosla, Aditya Pande, Asim Wakif, Mona Rai and Reena Saini Kallat.


abacaart musings

For over a decade, this store has been offering outdoor furniture in metal, weaves and wood as well as a vast repertoire of handcrafted accessories and artifacts from Southeast Asia. A new series of powder-coated metal furniture and outdoor solar lights, which charge during the day without electrical wiring, will be launched during the trail. Look out for wall-mounted installations by multi-media artist Smriti Dixit of Art Musings gallery that are designed to form a dialogue with the surrounding space. Her works will draw a visceral connection between personal and collective memories throwing open a window into the past through objects.



This fine-dining restaurant will be plating up an eye-catching dish named Rice | Black Bean, inspired by artist Jitish Kallat’s photographic work titled Infinitum, that portrays the many phases of the moon through images of progressively consumed rotis. A creation of Chef Prateek Sadhu, the dish is a fermented rice pancake topped with black bean puree, yoghurt and walnut dip, tastefully garnished with kimchi, nettle and wood sorrel leaves. Playing on the theme of time and sustenance, it taps into a long line of traditional bread-making techniques in Kashmir, where Chef Sadhu grew up and goes back to for creative stimulation.


red blue yellow indiaRedblueyellow sakshi art gallery

The trio that run this store are bound by a common passion for modern furniture design using fine Indian craftsmanship. Their collaboration with Sakshi Gallery will see mixed media artworks on digital prints, photo imagery and paper on plywood by renowned artists Manjunath Kamath, Yuvan Bothi Sathuvar, Rekha Rodwittiya.



A new line of Scandinavian-styled children’s furniture and accessories at Tranceforme spells fun and functionality. From bunk beds and play tables to shelves, cushions and carpets — expect to walk into a kiddie zone. For the Art & Design Trail, the store will adopt the Mumbai Metronomes theme to showcase the varied facets of the Maximum City through the eyes of leading artists from Gallery Art & Soul. Expect to see sculptures by Arzan Khambatta, nostalgic charcoal drawings by Ajay De, paintings by Sunil Padwal and Meera Devidayal and striking textile and light installations by Vaishali Shadangule that portray the theme. Also look out for intricate ceramic wall installations by artists Vinod Daroz, Chirayu Sinha and Rakhee Kane that are a part of Tranceforme’s new range.


sarita handamuseum of goa

For 25 years, Sarita Handa and her eponymous brand have been synonymous with setting decor trends, relying on traditional embroidered textiles to create modern contemporary designs. The brand’s new collection of pillows, inspired by the nomadic Berber tribe of North Africa, in coral and Prussian blue will be on display during the trail. While the store will be transformed into a gallery, combining key pieces of Sarita Handa’s new collection with curated artworks by the Museum of Goa. Expect to spot cool fibreglass elliptical lamps, charcoal on paper drawings and mixed media on canvas by artists like Subodh Kerkar, Harshada Kerkar and Siddharth Kerkar.

We hope you’re as geared up as we are…

When: November 17-19, 2017

Where: Shakti Mills compound, Off Dr. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai 11

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