By Stapati

Arham House by Dipen Gada and Associates is a tranquil contemporary abode

NOVEMBER 15, 2020

Arham House by Dipen Gada and Associates is a dignified residence that occupies a mere 1540 sq ft plot in Vadodara. The four bedroom home is enwreathed by a subtle but distinct cuboid mass, with a louvered screen that features charming, raindrop-patterned perforations. A sleek, folded metal staircase has been conceptualised to not only provide visual coherence across levels, but also induce vibrancy. An abundance of natural light is enabled through a central skylight, creating mesmerising sciagraphic patterns as it filters through and reflects off the textured panelling. A soulful curation of minimalist furnishings amid neutral colour and material palettes further enhance the tranquil atmosphere of the home. Scroll down to read more. A simple cuboid mass with one box jutting out is the shell of the master bedroom on the first floor, while the folded perforated screen with a raindrop pattern forms the majority of the facade. A longitudinal staircase block, also featuring a perforated screen, allows breeze from the west to flow in and control the heat gain, while also contributing to the aesthetic of the home. Upon entry, a parking space followed by a cozy entry foyer with a charming grill pattern ensures privacy. An important element linking all the floors is a sleek folded metal staircase, that catches the eye through a play of bold colours. It induces a playful break from the primarily subtle colour and material palettes employed. The wall abutting the stairway is made of POP and a few textured MDF panels treated with micro concrete. Triangular shapes created in select paneling ensures a beautiful play of filtered natural light. A themed curation of artworks that depict architectural elements have been interspersed along the stairway. The bedrooms, spread out across all three levels, have been decorated with understated furniture that enhances the tranquil atmosphere of the home. Multicoloured leather finished kota stone flooring has been utilised in the common spaces, whereas the bedrooms feature a mirror finished variant.  

Photographs by Tejas Shah Photography


Photographs by Praveen Mohandas