Adarsh Palm Residence by Shernavaz Interiors

Fact File
Location: Bangalore
Principal Designer: Shernavaz Bharucha
Photography by: Fabien Charuau


Adarsh Palm Residence by Shernavaz Interiors is a meticulously curated contemporary-classical home defined by abundant greenery and natural light. Intricate detailing features in an open-plan layout, with a central courtyard that acts as the focal point. An eclectic material palette of marble, wood, brass, and glass has been fashioned into warm ensembles with cream and brown hues, while bespoke wood-carved cornices crafted by artisans on-site are one of many noteworthy design details featured in the project.

“Each room has its own green space along with a lot of light and warmth. We have used a lot of wood in terms of the wooden ceiling, and it has the comfort of hand-made bespoke furniture,” said Bharucha, when asked about the design intent of the residence. The living room is rich in its use of colour, with mauve and burgundy interspersed with hints of purple that result in a warm yet opulently classical aesthetic.

Speaking about her personal favourite areas of the home, the designer said, “My favourite space would be the home theatre but also the bedrooms since they are spaces that are warm and have everything that a person would desire. The master bedroom has an open-to-sky shower, which feels like it is out in the open yet has its own privacy. It has a personal green patch as well, which makes it seem like the bathroom is amid a lush garden.”