Seven stunning pieces from Swarovski’s lighting collection

Sara Shaikh / December 12, 2018

Swarovski’s light fixtures are curated to suit every space. The different styles and inventive use of crystals not only illuminate the space but also leave the spectator spellbound.

This fixture exudes an aura of strength and grace to any space that it illuminates. Inspired by the beauty of the lotus blossom, Florabella is characterised by its bejewelled stems, metallic floral blooms and crystal centres.

The crystal prisms in the Glissando collection interlock in multi-layered stacks to create a kaleidoscope of light and colour. Every element of the design works harmoniously together to make your space sparkle with light.

Showcase a glimpse of history with this seventeenth century inspired chandelier. The heavy crystals enhance the delicate appearance of the lace like detailing paired with Italian Baroque casting.

Like rivers of diamonds, the striking forms of Refrax sparkle from within, evoking floating jewels beaming with light.

Fyra, with its large chunks of crystals catching and holding light from every angle, has the ability to leave a person absolutely enchanted with its beauty. The lantern like exterior gives it a sophisticated look and feel. The collection offers single and triple pendants in several sizes as a focal point for any space.

Sarella is one for the modern homes. The alternating metal discs with eye-catching crystal drops is the hallmark of the Sarella family. It is majestic yet simple in its appearance which makes its design flexible for any décor theme.

It is often said that old is gold. However, in this case it is crystal. Based on the classic structure, Swarovski has created a new and improved version. Instead of letting the crystals be the supporting character, this chandelier gives it the main role by making the whole frame out of crystals. The leather straps complement the crystals to create a functional work of art.

Swarovski Lighting will be exhibiting at India Design ID 2019!

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