6 stunning works that define Klove Studio’s ‘India cool’ aesthetic

Prateek Jain / November 1, 2017

Prateek Jain talks about the inspiration behind his designs

I grew up in Haridwar at a time when it was filled with lush greenery, flowing rivers and small town charm. I remember the raw romantic beauty of 30 years ago often, and that kind of lifestyle is engraved in me, leading my designs to have an element of nostalgic India in them. My roots are in India, and it inspires me every day— whether it’s temple architecture, daily objects like teapots or lights and even nature. Along with Klove’s latest collection and a few other installations, these are some of our favourite India-inspired designs:

Coconut by Klove Studio

One of the themes we’ve maintained throughout this collection is that the designs represent totems of good luck. The Nariyal embodies that spirit, considering it is used during special occasions and pujas.

Ganesha Klove Studio

Our Ganesh began with the concept of the ellipsoid, or the Shiv Ling. The belief that everything began with the ellipsoid is weaved into this design as the face and the trunk, to portray it as a symbol of new beginnings. Lord Ganesh is also the son of Shiva, making it a logical integration.

Lotus Klove Studio

This is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati, and involves 2 variations of ruby pink handblown glass lotuses.

Nimbu Mirchi Klove Studio

Nimbu Mirchi
We’ve all seen the nimbu mirchi combination warding off the evil eye. It was what inspired this wall hanging – and it doesn’t rot!

Mumbai Airport Peacock Klove

Peacock installation
We created this installation for the Mumbai Airport – a contemporary larger-than-life interpretation of the National Bird.

Klove Studio installation

Mandapam Installation
We created a wedding ‘mandapam’ encrusted with Swarovski crystals. The colossal installation had over 44,000 Swarovski crystals with brass laser cut panels and Klove’s signature form of expression of blown glass to create a mandapam that was 16 feet in diameter and 18 feet high.

Website: www.klovestudio.com

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