10 design legends we can’t wait to meet at India Design ID 2018

Reecha Kulkarni / October 31, 2017

Have you booked your passes for India Design ID 2018? This edition takes it up a notch, with brilliant artists, real-life cyborgs and designers speaking at ID Symposium.

Neil Harbisson

Neil Harbisson
Officially recognized as a cyborg, the contemporary artist has an antenna implanted inside his skull that refutes the colour blindness he was born with. Allowing him to listen to colour, the antenna also has an internet connection that lets him receive colours, phone calls, music and images directly from other devices. Thus, Neil creates artwork that reflects the union between colour and sound in a way no human can.

At: www.harbisson.com

amit syngle asian paints

Amit Syngle
As President of Sales, Marketing and Technology for Asian Paints Ltd., Amit Syngle has been the man behind the brand’s research oriented colour prediction system. Setting the tone for colour trends around India, Amit has propelled the brand into a league of its own, with handcrafted wallpapers, collaborations with Sabyasachi and more.

At: www.asianpaints.com

Ron arad

Ron Arad
From designing chandeliers for Swarovski to building a cancer treatment center for both Palestinians and Israelis, Ron Arad ventures out of the industrial design box quite often. The Israeli architect and designer’s genius lies in his ability to go beyond the mere form of everyday objects and create bold new dimensions. For 25 years, he has straddled the thin line between industrial design and contemporary art. Often working in steel, Arad now capitalizes new technology – remote controlling his own designs and fabricating Bluetooth-enabled furniture. “Boredom” he says “is the mother of creativity”.

At: www.ronarad.co.uk

Javier Mariscal
Comics, movies, interior design, painting and sculptures are only a few of varied things Javier Mariscal does. “My speciality is being creative, innovative, making language go as far as possible, trying to develop codes, signs and graphic messages. Bringing them up to date,” he says. And his creations range from Cobi, the mascot for the 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics and Chico & Rita – a cartoon movie, to the electronically charged interiors of the H&M store in Barcelona.

At: www.mariscal.com

simon velez

Simon Velez
Thirty-five years ago, Simon discovered a construction technique that allowed him to use bamboo as ‘vegetal steel’ by injecting cement mortar into bamboo. Based on his belief that architecture needs to become more natural or “vegetarian”, Simon has used bamboo as well as other materials for his projects, with the firm exception of plastics, asbestos cement and drywall, to design over 200 buildings around the world.

At: www.simonvelez.net

Isle crawford

Ilse Crawford
The British designer believes that everything she does is centered on the desires and needs of human beings. After founding Studioilse, she brought that philosophy to life by creating comfort oriented environments, products inspired by every day habits and hospitable designs. She has worked with Soho House Group, IKEA and other brands for the betterment of a functional lifestyle.

At: www.studioilse.com

Barnaba Fornasetti
Barnaba took over the family business in 1988, after the death of his father, Piero Fornasetti. Maintaining its tradition of craftsmanship, Barnaba also set up parnerships and licenses for ceramic tiles, fabrics, ties, home fragrances, rugs, parquet and wallpapers. Under his artistic direction, Fornasetti is now considered one of the principal Italian companies in the sphere of high craftsmanship.

At: www.fornasetti.com

 Takaharu Tezuka
After doing his M.Arch at the University of Pennsylvania, Takaharu went on to found Tezuka Architects.  He is now the President of Tezuka Architects, as well as a Professor at Tokyo City University, and has won the Japan Institute of Architects Award (in 2008 for Fuji Kindergarten and 2015 for Sora no Mori Clinic), and the Good Design Gold Prize in 1997 and 2013.

At: www.tezuka-arch.com

Tarun Thakral

Tarun Thakral
Although Tarun works in the hospitality sector as the Chief Operating Officer at CJ International Hotels Ltd, he is equally passionate about vintage cars. He developed India’s first comprehensive Transport Museum: the Heritage Transport Museum, which includes Tarun’s own personal collection of more than 200 vintage cars, commercial vehicles and more, to promote the preservation of Indian transportation.

At: www.heritagetransportmuseum.org

mukul goyal

Mukul Goyal
Spot ‘Flying Locomotives’, Mukul’s eclectic installation at the Mumbai International Airport, or browse through his range of quirky tableware, barware and more from his eponymous label. He is the principal designer and director at Designwise India Pvt Ltd., and creates designs that sell around the world under his labels – Tattva and Mukul Goyal.

At: www.mukulgoyal.com

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