indiadesignid / January 30, 2017

Applause Design Pvt Ltd

Applause Designs Pvt Ltd in partner with EGE Carpets challenge conventions and seek new groundbreaking ways to meet the ever changing demands of the market. Having been in the industry of floor coverings for the past 26 years, Applause Designs comprise of an effective infrastructure that provides customised services, which are reliable and trust worthy beyond doubt. The company has been founded by Sanjay Nijhawan with the objective of providing “World Class Floor Covering Products in India” that meet or even surpass the best global standards. Applause Designs is detail-oriented and customer focused, with the major chains of hotels as their clients. EGE Carpets use the finest wools from New Zealand and the best available polyamide yarns to produce tufted carpets which are then put through the Militron deep Injection dyeing process taking the colours deep into the roots of the carpet pile to produce designs and carpets with the accuracy possible only with computer aided systems wherein the accuracy levels of a 100% are achieved. EGE Carpets are EN 1307 certified and complied, which are the latest and most stringent rules applicable for Commercial Carpets by the European Union.

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