James Law

James Law JP, is a Hong Kong-based architect, technologist , entrepreneur and founder of Cybertecture. Renowned for creating the philosophy in which a better world is designed with technology to alleviate suffering for mankind, his projects

cover buildings, spaces, technologies, education and social design. Apart from his design firm, James is also the founder of Cybertecture X – laboratory for future research, Cybertecture Academy – design education institution and Cybertecture For Humanity Horatio Law Foundation – a charitable organisation.

Winner of multiple awards, some of his accolades include – the FT Asian Innovation Award, Edison Award for Innovation, Design for Asia Award and HSBC World Architecture Award. He is the architect of the world renown OPod Concrete Tube Housing Project designed to alleviate affordability problems for mass housing; architect for The Pad Tower – the world’s first Apple iPod inspired building in Dubai; and architect for the design of the world’s first commercially run Hyperloop by Hyperloop TT.

James is also the Justice of the Peace Ambassador for the Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum and a Council Member of World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Design & Innovation.

Instagram: @cybertecture

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