Barnaba Fornasetti

Barnaba Fornasetti, born in Milan in 1950, is the only child of Piero Fornasetti. He studied at the Accademia delle Belle Arti, and worked with Ken Scott and  Mondadori, before he returned to Milan to work full-time alongside his father.

In 1988, after Piero’s death, Barnaba took over the family business that he still guides today, maintaining its tradition of craftsmanship and setting up new partnerships and licenses for ceramic tiles, fabrics, ties, home fragrances, rugs, parquet and wallpapers. Under his artistic direction, Fornasetti is now considered one of the principal Italian companies in the sphere of high craftsmanship.

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Instagram – @fornasettiofficial


Photograph of Barnaba Fornasetti by Arianna Sanesi

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